Evening Reading

You cant stop it, you cant even hope to contain it.. ER just came steaming in early like a freight train and ran your ass over! You == ER's Bitch!

- I wanna play pro rugby now! They dont call me candy ass for nothing! Thanks Chip Caddell
- It looks like some folks feel IBM was responsible for facilitating Hitler's killing people trying to achieve that whole Aryan race thing.
- Hrm, cant say I'm sure with outright banning of human cloning but there is a bill on the way.
- I guess if Jennifer Lopez wants to do it so does Puffy, he's gonna change his name and it sends shockwaves through the entertainment industry!

Lastly, people are still investigating the JFK assassination. The latest report puts another gunman on the grassy knoll at about a 96.3% probability which seems fairly conclusive. I'm sure there will be 8 more follow-up investigations though. Thanks OverBurN

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