New Anachronox Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 21, 2001 12:40pm PST

Gamespy Daily has four new Anachronox screenshots showing off this Quake2 engine powered RPG from ION Storm.

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  • Not sure how much the Q3 engine has to offer over the Q2 engine. Ok, dynamic curve tesselation, LOD system, stencil shadows...

    Q2 has radiosity lighting, Q3 does direct only (I think). I think both do dynamic vertex lighting on objects, and additive circles on lightmaps for world objects. Both have similar visibility occlusion. Both can certainly do things like coronas, halos, and fog (see Diakatana). Other little bits like rain can be added to Q2.

    Q3 may be more optimized and faster for a given number of polygons and effects.

    Considering the licensing cost difference is something like a factor of 10...