Looking Back at Daikatana2?

By Steve Gibson, Feb 17, 2001 6:11am PST

Scott was nosing around in the incredibly old Shack Archives (pre-database!) and came across an update (Scroll down to Thursday) with the first ever mention of Daikatana2. Worth a look er... a chuckle? This stuff is from 1998 btw.

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  • it's so weird actually remembering a lot of that news...

    Tim Sweeney on OpenGL / Unreal [11:45 am]
    Check it out, VE fired some email over to Tim Sweeney asking about the performance of Unreal using OpenGL acceleration. He has a few theories about the performance issues, here are a couple of them:

    Theory 3 (general purpose equals slow theory):
    OpenGL has a ton more options for texture formats, memory layouts, etc than OpenGL and Glide, so hardware vendors don't have time to optimize for all of those cases, whereas they can for Glide and Direct3D.

    Theory 4 (Sweeney sucks theory):
    Tim's OpenGL code sucks (judge for yourself, it's available on http://unreal.epicgames.com).