There seems to be a bit of confusion going around about a possible Rune2. Basically people think its in development and it isnt. Timmy from HumanHead was kind enough to email us to clarify:

Just to reply to this, yes, we would love to do Rune 2. However, as was quoted in the chat log... 
"20:46:09 <HHTGERR> We hope so, though it isn't on our immediate Radar." 

We've always stated we want to do a Rune 2.  Why wouldn't we?  It's our intellectual property, and we've talked about someday doing it on our www.runegame.com website for months.  However, it is not on our immediate Radar, as I said.  We aren't working on it right now, and we have no plans to do it right now, or in the immediate future.  Right now, Rune 2 remains a 'someday' project.  This is just another case of someone trying to make up some news where none really exists.

Oh yeah? Well we just posted some news about other people posting news that wasnt news and you telling us that it isnt news when it is news that it isnt! HAH!