Deus Ex Multiplayer

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 05, 2000 6:32pm PST Quite a number of people should be pretty happy with this, Fileplanet has the new Deus Ex patch with multiplayer support (deathmatch and team deathmatch). This 36mb update also provides a number of fixes and enhancements for the original game. Gamespy has a readme for it. Here are the single player changes

- Crash fixed when using Hazmat Suit in training.
- F1 and F2 can no longer be unmapped.
- You will no longer occasionally get placeholder art when picking up bodies.
- Infinite Skill Point bug fixed with Gary Savage conversation.
- D3DDrv.dll patch has been incorporated.
- Loki's new OpenGL code has been incorporated.
- Game will now run correctly under Win95a.

update There's a mirror on 3D Files if Fileplanet is slow for you.

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  • I think a lot of the blame for horrid framerates in Deus Ex is due to a few poorly designed areas.

    The VERY first mission when you start on the dock is VERY slow on every system I've ever seen it on. (side note: what a first impression to the gamers!) Why? Poor level design really. It will run equally like ass on a Voodoo 5 or Geforce with the same CPU. The entire dock is pretty high in poly count with the cage underneath, hand railings, support beams, etc. Add on top of that the fact that the whole level is so open, plus the statue and its base with the windows...

    At the time I was playing Deus Ex through, I had a Celeron 566. By overclocking it to 800 I got a huge boost. Although I didn't actually bench it, it was very noticable. There was almost no change when switching detail stuff on/off and changing resolution.

    At first I blamed the Unreal tech vs. D3D vs. only-Glide-runs-good, but after seeing the same slow areas run equally like ass (compared to my TNT2U) on a Voodoo 3 I'll just blame the designers. Unreal and Rune run just fine.

    It may not hurt that I have 320megs of RAM, seems like Unreal engine wants at least 128mb when using D3D. Considering RAM prices these days (even in the past year or so), 64meg is pretty unexcusable anyway.

    Oh well. Deus Ex is still the best game I've played in a long time. It gets my vote for GOTY.