Xbox One X Pre-Order and Release Date

The Xbox One X is touted as the most powerful console ever built. Xbox fans are viewing its release as a return to glory, or maybe a single step on the road that leads to glory? Hard to say, really, but this 4K capable console is likely to sell quite well with those that tend to lean more towards Xbox than PlayStation. Of course, it isn’t released yet, and with each passing day gamers are becoming more desperate to know when and where they can pre-order the Xbox One X.

How to Pre-Order the Xbox One X

While the Xbox One X isn’t currently available for pre-order, most of the sites and retailers we’ve listed below offer email notifications. This will ensure that you don’t miss the boat when pre-orders finally begin ahead of the November 7, 2017, Xbox One X release.

Pre-Order the Xbox One X on Amazon

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at Walmart

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at BestBuy

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at Target

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at GamesStop

Unlike trying to get in a pre-order for the SNES Classic, the Xbox One X figures to have plenty of stock for all retailers. At the very least, it will certainly have more availability than the SNES Classic, which is why you should use the links above to shop around and find the best bundles and deals. If you’re not entirely sure if you’d like to buy an Xbox One X, you’re still in the right place. Shacknews has and will continue to cover the Xbox One X extensively, meaning you’ll have all the information required to make an informed decision.