DooM: The Movie - Doomed?

By Clay Mitchell, Aug 16, 1999 8:07pm PDT

GA-Source has a little snippet about the Doom Movie. Or the lack thereof. What's happening?

Carmack is quoted as saying that the company looked "at a couple of scripts" which were described as "awful." Carmack also revealed that TriStar let the film option on the project lapse and no one else has come looking to pick them up.
Go check out the rest of the article. In my oh so humble opinion, I don't think Doom would make a good movie. I mean, even though Doom and Doom2 oozed storyline, do you guys think that it would make a good movie? Express yourself! [update] I've been informed that Carmack said this at QuakeCon. Apparently I missed this part due to Carmack's voice being overpowered with Jacks babbling about how cool his car is or something.

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  • Well, a DOOM movie sounds cool, but look at the fuck-up \'Wing Commander\' what a total crock! They can\'t even sell the toy figures at Toys-R-Us for even a $1.00, Now that movie went nowhere. Doom on the other hand, might or might not be a good idea. Well, maybe Quake the movie, or Half-Life, or even Unreal, as well as SiN too. There could be a plot in there somewhere. I don\'t know though... Game developers are getting too many ideas or their heads are getting too big, maybe it\'s the crack, (no clue here). Anyway, game movies are neat, but I think people need to really dig deep and use their craniums and grey matter on this. How about a Starcraft movie????

  • I dunno.
    Sounds to me like a bomb.
    Wouldn\'t do to well, probably
    wouldn\'t even get to theatres
    after the columbine shooting
    and what not. Sounds like an
    interesting idea though. But
    once again, rather 1 dimensional.
    It would have to be 3rd person...
    if youve ever seen Blair Witch youd know that. No one in
    the theatre could sit still just listening. Americans are morons dont forget.
    Blade came out as a good movie because it had action, and one bad
    ass son of a bitch lead character who kicked everybodies ass.
    Really though, people loved him cause he was the underpriviledged
    guy who was up against and army and still kicked ass. And there is no way
    in hell that they could make this with just one guy. There would have to
    be other characters and of course, people being killed off. Like maybe
    the government finds this planet that could be populated by people, good atmosphere,
    etcetera, so they send down this landing party along with a few bodyguards. Some of
    these bodyguards are huge guys and others are really hot females that will inevetivably
    get naked, sent to protect the scientists. They land, the place is hellish, they say screw this,
    who wants to live here, try to leave ship is destroyed or something, few people killed, others are forced
    to go underground as a storm or something is coming. They venture into the ground, find this hellish place
    people start just dispearing, they realize something is up, huddle together, body guards whip out the big guns
    ( ohhhhh yeah. ) They go through, more and more baddies show up, they kill a lot of stuff,
    horrible things are killing them, they killing the things. Party is down to like 3 hot woman bodyguards, one huge guy ( El Hero )
    SOme hot scientist woman and a nerdy scienc guy. They fight through, they get to saftey, sex scene while they camp between
    hero and hot scientist girl and bodyguard woman ( cha CHING! ) They wake up to find the two other bodyguard women missing/dead.
    Go out, he sends woman to surface to get help, nerdy scientist guy gets killed off or something, he fights down into hell alone for a bit,
    Find head on stick, etcetera.

    Anyway, it wouldnt make for that great a movie. A good movie would come out of X-Wing or...oh wait, that was Star Wars wasnt it?

    Any who. I think Starship Troopers was a good movie on the entertainment level....not on the plot/acting/such level. Watching huge bugs tear
    people apart was pretty fucking cool. But plotwise, they go to a hostile planet covered in huge bugs that shoot plasma, a substance that is normal about a million
    degres out of their asses and only pose a threat by throwing meteors out of orbit somehow. Instead of nuking the place from space, or at LEAST using huge death tanks
    or something, they decide to land on the planet and fight these massive killer beasts in hand to hand combat. That is the stupidest thing Ive heard in a long time.
    I mean, make up something about them needing the planet for colonization or SOMETHING. Or maybe, I dont know, electromagnetic field interfere with the time circuirts
    of their quantum mechanical trucks and the meteaors around the planet stop them from nuking them. On every Star Trek episode Ive stumbled across, they seem to
    bullshit pretty well....why couldnt those guys? Anyway.

    The movie was based on a 1930\'s war book when they thought trench warfare would rein sumpreme.

    So thats where that came out.

  • Doom could so esally become, like so many other action/suspense movies in Hollywood, BAD. I don\'t wanna see Doom become another movie like Virus.

    The thing about Doom the game is that it was all about blow up the demonic baddies. Fun. But 2 hrs of that would be stupid. I think it could work if the Director and Writer approached it from an event horizon point of view.

    Don\'t show the demons \'till the end. Or maybe not at all. Blair Witch wouldn\'t have been nearly as creepy if they showed what it was chaisin\' those kids around. Just show zombies and maybe a technodemon or spider-brain finale. That would be cool.

    As for the Marines, I think a team of Sam Raimi, Samuel L Jackson, Henry Rollins, and Bruce Willis would kick major ass. Of course most of them would have to die but that\'s half the fun, isn\'t it?

  • Well, whatever they do, they\'d better not have vehicles in doom!!!

    No, I think the movie would have to do well. After all:

    a) I\'D see it. At the very worst, I\'d get a few cheap thrills, and I could laugh at the actors.

    b) Everyone and his sister has played doom. Apparently, at its peak, Doom Shareware was on more computers than Windows 3.1. Hell, yeah...

    c) For every mother that crusaded to ban the movie, three kids\'d sneak in, \'cuz it\'s sooo badass.

    I agree, no plot, no love interest (augh, would that be awful. You\'d have to find a different way to include nudity. Either in the beginnning, or...well, you could add a woman demon...hehe, that Q2 thing), just a badass muthafucka blowing shit up. And no platoon or anything, Doom was all about the Last Man Standing, the Lone Warrior...

    I know guys who saw Blade 5 and 6 times, and it wasn\'t for the plot...Add a hint of Matrix, and you\'ve got a definate hit.

    And imagine the potential for the trailer...

    \"...And the only way out...\"

    Badass holding a big gun looking at a portal or something...

    \"is through!!!\"

    *Bang*, *Boom*, *Splat*...


  • DooM, the movie (a synopsis):

    A deepspace intro shows a a squadron of space marines, in-bound to the hellish plane of existance that is DooM. It isn\'t about just one hero, it\'s about several legions of troops facing eternal damnation...and a few good men. Maxxed out with weapons and flung into a place with surely no escape, the soldiers know one thing: the foothold on the edge of hell itself is only the gateway into something more evil and vile than they had ever imagined. Jump-ships arriving with clockwork accuracy offload troops and supplies to hold back and supress the demonic onslaught that rains down its firey rage, blasting the terrain and each human soul that dares to contain it. The fact that flesh can create a living wall to encase the darkness, and continue to pour souls into the cause, is the only thing keeping the armies of hell at bay.

    Amidst the rumbling, the waves of dying and artillery shells blasting craters and shattering bone and sanity, comes an update to the standoff: in order to turn the tide, using warp fields, humankind must pierce the darkness and shove several commando units into the very maw of chaos itself. Enter the hero, a seargent leading his own platoon of devildogs who know of fear and have accepted the fact that there will be no turning back, there will be no rescue effort, and there will be no salvation. For within the unholy boundaries which they will tread, any life taken and soul lost can never be saved, for the power and dreaded might that is DooM will pull it in and stake its unholy claim - the dead will rise again to fight alongside the armies of DooM, their souls adding to the core of wretched energy that fuels the plagued and the damned.

    Warp fields are the only link to the outside world, allowing supplies and contact to exist by opening temporary portals from the outside to aid the platoon, but as storms of lightning and magnetic sinkholes interrupt the warp field process, these supply lines often sever, becoming infrequent and unpredictable.

    Will Sarge and his men reach the core of evil and somehow tilt the balance in favor of humankind? Will Sarge be overcome by the hellish fury and become part of the undead legions - spewing forth to slay his own kind? Or will Sarge infact stumble upon something altogether different lurking within the catacombs, wastelands, and twisted landscapes longing for its own vengence and seeking a time and chance to complete the cycle of pain, torment, and agony that can only exist on the plane of...DooM.



  • Yeah, games transformed into movies generally suck, but don\'t forget about the plotless movies that did well, with great animation AND gore... my example, Starship Troopers... cheesy acting and no real plot, but I LOVED the animation and gore... I can\'t remember how many Starcraft maps I made based on that movie...

    But it also goes the other way in most movies made into games pretty much suck too (not including franchise movies like Star Wars and stuff)... an example? take your pick... /most/ of them bite it hard...

    But I also agree that System Shock/2 would make great movies...

    Wing Commander went straight to video, and that would\'ve been the same fate for Doom... Quake series might be slightly better...