DooM: The Movie - Doomed?

GA-Source has a little snippet about the Doom Movie. Or the lack thereof. What's happening?

Carmack is quoted as saying that the company looked "at a couple of scripts" which were described as "awful." Carmack also revealed that TriStar let the film option on the project lapse and no one else has come looking to pick them up.
Go check out the rest of the article. In my oh so humble opinion, I don't think Doom would make a good movie. I mean, even though Doom and Doom2 oozed storyline, do you guys think that it would make a good movie? Express yourself! [update] I've been informed that Carmack said this at QuakeCon. Apparently I missed this part due to Carmack's voice being overpowered with Jacks babbling about how cool his car is or something.