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Red Orchestra 2 expandalone Rising Storm out tomorrow

Tripwire had said it would launch the Rising Storm standalone expansion for Red Orchestra 2 in May and while it cut things close, by gum it's just made it. The dev announced yesterday that it'll be out on Thursday, so do hurry if you want to pre-order and grab the discount and bonus Killing Floor characters.

Rising Storm trailer shows off Red Orchestra 2's Pacific expandalone

Rising Storm may be coming a mite later than its original release window of 2011, but a new trailer out of GDC shows the time hasn't been wasted. The Red Orchestra 2 expansion-turned-standalone is set in World War 2's Pacific theatre, and the trailer travels from Guadalcanal to Saipan via Hanto River and Iwo Jima. With flamethrowers.

Red Orchestra 2 GOTY edition announced

Red Orchestra 2 is getting a free "Game of the Year Edition" content pack, which will update all current owners' games as well. Plus, it's offering a free Steam weekend to ring in the new additions.

Red Orchestra 2 mod SDK launched

Tripwire released the Red Orchestra 2 mod SDK to all and sundry today. If you've been longing to tart up the WW2 sim-shooter with regenerating health, helicopter gunships, and akimbo machine pistols, go right ahead, you monster.

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