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Castle Doctrine contest winner taking home $316

The Castle Doctrine's "Steal Real Money" contest has ended, with the top-earner taking home $316. Creator Jason Rohrer says that 121 players ended with at least $1,054, entitling them to at least $1 of real money.

Home security 'em up The Castle Doctrine released in alpha

Never one for fuss and fanfare, celebrated indie developer Jason Rohrer yesterday quietly released The Castle Doctrine. The Passage and Sleep Is Death creator's home security/invasion game is out in alpha form for $8--half the price the finished version will be. Heck, if you pick up a few tricks from playing, you can make that money back in a few minutes of casual burglary.

The Castle Doctrine bringing massively multiplayer burglary

The ever-interesting Jason Rohrer has revealed his latest game, a "massively-multiplayer game of burglary and home defense" by the name of The Castle Doctrine. Beyond that little nugget and a few screenshots, though, the chap behind the likes of multiplayer storytell 'em up Sleep is Death and five-minute life simulator Passage is keeping schtum about this intriguing idea.

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