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Indie Royale Debut Bundle launches with Cognition

Pay-what-you-want bundleer Indie Royale launched another bargain bag of video games over the weekend, this time showcasing six assorted debuts, including several games' debut appearances on PC and some studios' debut game. Perhaps most noteworthy is Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, an adventure game made by the folks behind free King's Quest revival The Silver Lining and which Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen consulted on.

Indie Royale unleashes The Mash Bundle

It's time for a new bundle of PC games to grab from Indie Royale. This week's batch of games is collectively called The Mash, and includes a title from Telltale Games. No, it's not Sam & Max or The Walking Dead.

Indie Royale kicks off The Chosen bundle

The new Indie Royale Bundle has kicked off, with this group of games labeled as The Chosen. The name comes from a vote of the fans to make this bundle, originally launched for St. Patrick's Day last year, available again.

Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle 2.0 now available

There are a lot of things with romantic themes today, and the newest Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle 2.0 seems to follow suit, but in name only. the bundle bucks the trend of "wilting flowers and packed restaurants" for "unromantic alien blasting, striking tower defense action & heaps of classic platforming."

Indie Royale bundle packs Defense Grid, Gemini Rue

By now, you surely own Defense Grid: The Awakening. Even with only the most cursory of interests in tower defense games, you should have picked it up in some sale or bundle or another. If not, though, you can rectify that now with the latest pay-what-you-want Indie Royale, which also packs fine adventure game Gemini Rue and a few others. It's one of the slickest TDs around, haven't you heard?

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