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Strike Suit Zero mod tools released

Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games today released the mod tools for its mecha space shooter, one of the promised stretch goals from its crowdfunding campaign. The XedMod tools are free to any who owns the game, and use the Steam Workshop for sharing. If you don't own Strike Suit Zero, hey, now's your chance, as it's on sale for $10 until Sunday. Also out today, new DLC!

Strike Suit score 'em up spin-off Infinity blasts out next week

If you liked the general idea of mecha space shooter Strike Suit Zero but really just wanted to fly around and blow things up as a space-robot, good news! Developer Born Ready Games today announced a standalone wave-based score 'em spin-off named Strike Suit Infinity, coming to PC next week for $7.

Strike Suit Zero blasts from Kickstarter to PC in January

Another Kickstarted game is preparing to transition from the nebulous crowd-funding world of wishes and dreams to gleaming reality, as developer DoubleSix has announced its Strike Suit Zero will launch for PC on January 24, 2013. As for what that dream is, one word: robot-space-ship-mech-transforming-thingamajig.

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