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    By: Modulus
    Teaching Python
    Anyone have a link to slide deck or course material to teach Python and intro into programming targeted towards young adults?

    I have a niece that wants to learn Python and it would be way easier for me if I had a slide deck and some assignments that I could draw from.
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    By: valcan_s
    Prepare your self, here is the 1st Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer, and it also has announced that the full revel will be in Summer 2024. Check out the 1st in engine trailer to get a taste of the vibe and the graphics:

    Video : "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf"

    Looks really nice, I wish it was a full on revel but this will have to do.

    Thoughts!? Are you juiced for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf!?? Personally I can't wait!!!!!!

    I have a feeling this week and the next is going to be video game trailer over load and my body is ready!!!!

    \m/ :) \m/
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    By: OzzieMejia

    Welcome, once again, Chatty! I have returned for YOUR Game of the Year votes! The Shacknews staff is deliberating across different categories, but we still want and need your input. I'm going to give you guys the next 7 days to come up with your selections. Remember that not only are we naming the Chatty Game of the Year, but your collective vote also counts towards the overall Shacknews Game of the Year. There are a metric shit ton of games that released this year, so your vote counts more than ever.

    The Google Form for your Top 5 of 2023 awaits below. Give me YOUR Game of the Year and YOUR runner-up. You can give me all the way up to your Top 5, but I will not require it.

    Here's the scoring system:

    #1 - 10 points
    #2 - 8 points
    #3 - 5 points
    #4 - 3 points
    #5 - 1 point

    There is a Chatty handle question at the end. Duplicate votes will be tossed.

    Restrictions apply. No DLCs, no Early Access, no last-gen remasters, no episodic games that have not ended by the end of 2023, and only games originally released this year! Freakin' hell, the remake/remaster line got blurred more than ever. Dead Space, Super Mario RPG, and System Shock are eligible off the top of my head. Unless it's a straight-up port, I'm considering it eligible. Let your heart be your guide, I guess.

    If you forgot what came out this year, here's our 2023 Video Game Release Dates Calendar.

    You have until SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10 at 11:59PM ET, so you have one week to think about this. It's been a great year for games as an artform, so give us your favorite titles.
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    By: jdcope
    Got my RG35XX today! Pretty cool device. But this no-name microSD card that it comes with looks like garbage. I have a couple I can use to replace it, but I wanted to back up the data (roms and such) on the card it came with. Is it safe to plug this card into my computer to copy the data off of it? Or do I even want to copy the data off of it?