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    By: Modica Solis
    so, I, uh, made a thing.

    his name's Cameron and he's adorable
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    By: Demius
    Cancer Update for

    My wife is recovering in the hospital, still in a lot of pain but we got the results from the lab work and the doctor said there is no residual cancer detected.. My wife is cancer free!!

    Thank you everyone for the distraction, the well wishes, for everything.
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    By: Wyvern
    I am excited but also concerned that it looks more obviously CGIy than Fury Road and less practical. You shorten him up a bit and Hemsworth would fit into The Hobbit (but he looks interesting).
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    By: Drewus
    Apple do it on purpose for this exact reason, so all you're doing is falling for their bullshit manipulation tactics.

    But you do you
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    By: derelict515
    In another, reporting a rare call between the two women, Grim says AOC told Pelosi “that even though she had beaten Joe Crowley, who relied on [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] vendors and consultants, nobody had reached out to hear how she had done it.

    “I told her DCCC campaign vendors sucked,” AOC said, “and that it was strange that after I beat Crowley not a single person bothered to ask how I beat him … and how I think we should pay attention and ask questions when that happens, to spot weaknesses. She got so mad at me.”

    Another text, from spring this year, finds AOC considering life after Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries of New York having succeeded her as Democratic minority leader.

    “I thought things would get worse,” AOC says. “I thought a lot of my misery was due to leadership more broadly having a thing against me. But … my life has completely transformed. It’s crazy. And it’s that that made me realise it was kind of just [Pelosi] the whole time.”

    Now, AOC adds, “senior members talk to me, [committee] chairs are nice to me, people want to work together. I’m shocked. I couldn’t even get floor time before.”

    Checks out
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    By: dirge23
    you're a man even if you take hormones, use female clothes and dress like a woman, but you're not a man if you use a straw
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    By: Lasers_PewPew
    Coming home to a clean house is the best. Coming home to a mess just makes me feel a bit frazzled and grumpy.
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    By: mr.sleepy
    If you send me a text message from an android phone I am not exaggerating, I'm like 75% less likely to respond to you or to take the conversation seriously because it's like talking to a Trump supporter or my grandparents. So I dont have to have my corneas microwaved by that ugly ass green shit Android users pls go here they have some pretty cool phones

    Also cheap deal on Iphone 11
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    By: voodooraze
    I'm the same but the opposite, I don't respond to people who use iPhones because they're sensitive little babies.
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    WTF, she’s weird. Letting dishes sit out all night is gross and makes them harder to clean