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    By: ConfusedUs
    This is the Bern Unit

    Rhyme not necessary.
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    By: DaMojo
    Sanders: 'We'll bring a lie detector' to debates with Trump

    Sen. Bernie Sanders joked Monday that he has a plan to highlight President Trump's difficulty telling the truth if he faces the president on the debate stage in 2020.

    "Well, we'll bring a lie detector along," Sanders said on CNN to laughs from a studio audience. "And every time he lies, it goes beep. That would be the first thing."

    lol, I know its a joke, but that would put Trump on such tilt, it would be great. But seriously, there should be live real time fact checking going on in these televised debates.
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    It's a ticketing system that somehow manages to feel like it's running on a 56k internet connection regardless of how much horsepower and bandwidth you dedicate to it.

    So obviously it's what a lot of enterprise level shops prefer.
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    By: Conan
    Silly, Frank Miller doesn't write all of them.
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    By: gmd
    sounds terrible will avoid unless provided training
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    By: jimmy-buffett
    On a happier note, I present to you the view from my wife's pillow, on her day off.

    The dog is Moose, a 50 pound boxer / pitt mix, who loves water and rolling rocks around in my yard. He is a fantastic dog and I am seriously considering never replacing him because I will probably never get another one as good.

    This is us above treeline on Mt. Antero near Buena Vista, Colorado. He is standing on the other side of an "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" sign.

    The cat is Magic, who lives her life at 72 degrees and always wants to escape outside for some reason. She murders the spiders my wife is scared of.
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    By: riptyde
    What an amazing opening line: I was a young man when my father stood before me and swore me in as an officer in the United States Air Force. I didn’t imagine at that time that we would get to a day when we would be having a serious conversation about whether we would embrace a socialist future for our children. But that fact is, we are in the midst of such a conversation.

    You never imagined socialism when you literally were being sworn in for a job created by socialism?
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    By: Masem
    Sixth lawsuit over dance emotes in Fortnite.

    Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley trying to get $20M from Epic for the Running Man dance emote.