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Created by Thom W.
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    By: Gylis
    The future is weird guys. Now Zelensky is doing a poll.
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    By: pulsedrive
    Only a matter of time before they cancel it like Stadia and the others before it.
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    By: EvilDolemite
    This thread is about the most overplayed classic rock songs, besides Stairway to Heaven.

    Let's define classic rock as the late 1960s to the early 1990s.

    These are songs that you've heard so many times that they make you visibly sad and angry.

    I'll start: Crazy Train. I never want to hear you again.
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    By: sikander
    That stupid post on twitter is not going to covered by the NEWS as a possible resolution of conflict.

    The Ambassador telling the richest man on planet to fuck off is most likely going to spread the stupid post more than it would've been without the fuck off message.

    It's all dumb.
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    By: redfive
    You're now an enemy of Canada
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    By: kallanta
    Left 4 Bread
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    By: AxeMan808
    "Amazing that the police agreed to carry her round the country spreading the word " - Pete O'Brien
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    By: ashkie
    People squinting at night is always a good look
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    By: Dontdrop
    I mean the screenshot shows you. Such a basic fuck up for a trillion dollar company. C’mon
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    By: dognose