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Daylight 'Don't Look Back' trailer

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Your cell phone is your only source of hope in your quest to survive in the horror landscape of Daylight.

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Daylight E3 2013 trailer

Related Topics – Daylight, Atlus, Zombie Studios, E3 2013

You're awakened in the middle of a derelict hospital, abandoned long ago, with only a cell phone to use as a source of light. Do your best to find a route of escape, and survive the lurking danger in Daylight.

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Blacklight Retribution Playstation 4 announcement trailer

Zombie Studios brings Blacklight Retribution to the Playstation 4 and GDC 2013.

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Daylight debut trailer

Related Topics – Daylight, Zombie Studios

Zombie Studios releases the debut trailer for Daylight, a "procedurally generated psychological thriller."

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Blackwater 'Debut' Trailer

Related Topics – Blackwater, 505 Games, Zombie Studios

The first trailer for the Kinect game that'll let you play as a member of disgraced mercenary force Blackwater.