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Primordia demo samples rusty robot adventure

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 28, 2012 4:15pm PST

Do you like rickety robots? Do you like adventure games? Do you- no, I'm not talking about Machinarium. The rickety robot adventure game in question is Primordia, a grimmer and grimier affair which you can try out now in a demo released ahead of next week's launch on PC.


"It's funny that you mention Machinarium because the design of the world does remind me of that ..."

- Gwyndion see all 3 comments

Primordia emerging in December

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 05, 2012 2:15pm PDT

Wadjet Eye Games is making quite a name for itself as an indie adventure game publisher with the likes of Gemini Rue and Resonance. It's worth, then, keeping an eye on its next release, Wormwood Studios' post-apocalyptic Primordia, which is now due in December.