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Skylanders Swap Force, shaking up the emerging toy-game genre

By Steve Watts, Sep 19, 2013 8:00am PDT

Vicarious Visions explains how it started on Skylanders Swap Force years ago, with the goal of shaking up a series that hadn't even gotten off the ground yet.


"But the end point to make is that each certainly has its strengths and while I think that Disney ..."

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Skylanders: Swap Force 'Dark Edition' adds five dark characters

By Steve Watts, Aug 12, 2013 11:30am PDT

Skylanders: Swap Force will be available in a "Dark Edition," a collector's set that includes five "Dark" versions of Skylanders instead of the usual three standard paint jobs.


"this would ok if man-childs didnt snap them up in the hopes they'll be collectable. goddam ..."

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Skylanders Swap Force preview: boisterous bifurcation

By Steve Watts, Jun 12, 2013 12:30pm PDT

A hands-on look at Skylanders Swap Force, complete with terrible name-mixing puns.


Skylanders Swap Force coming October 13, PS4 and Xbox One versions confirmed

By Steve Watts, Jun 07, 2013 3:30pm PDT

Skylanders Swap Force is coming October 13, Activision announced today. Versions will also be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though not necessarily on the same date.


"Kid? You mean I'm not the one who was supposed to be playing? Oops. ;)"

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Skylanders Swap Force announced

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 05, 2013 6:45am PST

It's a new year so you know what we need: a new game in each major franchise! Actually, Skylanders Swap Force does sound like an interesting upgrade to Activision's $500 million-grossing collectible toy-video game-thing, introducing characters whose parts can be switched and...


Guitar Hero Released on iPhone, iPod touch

By Chris Faylor, Jun 07, 2010 2:30pm PDT

Extending its Rock Band rivalry to the iPhone and iPod touch, Activision today released Guitar Hero to the iTunes App Store. Developed by Guitar...


"At an initial cost of $3, the only ones who should feel hooked and gutted are iPhone wielding ..."

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Band Hero Brings Portable Drum Action to DS Lite

By Chris Faylor, Jul 23, 2009 1:12pm PDT

Publisher Acitivision has revealed how Band Hero will be able to provide Nintendo DS Lite owners with a portable multi-instrument music game:...


"Don't you think this is getting crazy....First they had drums, cool idea, then mic for a whole ..."

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Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Unveiled

By Aaron Linde, Jul 15, 2008 9:43am PDT

Nintendo today revealed Vicarious Vision's Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades at its conference at today's E3 2008 press conference. A follow-up to...


First Guitar Hero DS Media Unveiled

By Chris Faylor, Mar 20, 2008 8:24am PDT

Following up on yesterday's announcement, publisher Activision has issued two teeny-tiny screenshots of the first Guitar Hero entry on the Nintendo...


"The announcement trailer shows you how to hold it, those buttons come along with a wrist strap ..."

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Guitar Hero DS, Guitar Grip Peripheral Revealed

By Aaron Linde, Mar 19, 2008 12:55pm PDT

Activision has revealed the long-rumored DS rendition of its Guitar Hero franchise and its accompanying peripheral, IGN reports. Entitled Guitar...


"I predict terribly worn out screens from strumming... Also difficulty cannot be nearly as high =("

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Rock This Way With Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 15, 2008 6:31am PST

Activision today announced that it will continue the Guitar Hero craze with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, due out in June for PlayStation 2, PlayStation...


"STD is paying some pretty decent dividends these days…"

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Game Sales Swell to $2.63B in November, Call of Duty 4 Takes Top Software Spot

By Carlos Bergfeld, Dec 13, 2007 5:18pm PST

NPD just released its game industry data for November, and the month containing the infamous Black Friday brought with it an insane level of video...


"yeh, i bought that, bioshock, orange box from steam, and ut3, supreme commander/forged alliance, ..."

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Game Sales Bring in $1.1B for October, Wii Retakes Hardware Charts

By Carlos Bergfeld, Nov 15, 2007 6:19pm PST

NPD has kept its word and released gaming sales numbers for October, revealing game-related revenues of $1.1 billion for the month, a 73 percent...


"well it was killer apps - plural. i think the price and the way the system is perceived now ..."

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Report: Guitar Hero 3 Wii Only Outputs in Mono

By Chris Faylor, Nov 12, 2007 8:58am PST

Expanding on the sound quality issues some reported with the Wii edition of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, members of the official Guitar Hero...


"Maybe a difference between dev consoles and retail ones? It's also possible a last-minute bug ..."

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Record-breaking Q2 Revenues, Guitar Hero III Launch Lead Activision to Increase Sales Estimates

By Carlos Bergfeld, Nov 05, 2007 2:14pm PST

Santa Monica-headquartered game publisher Activision reported its second quarter fiscal year 2008 results today, posting all-time high Q2 revenues...


"Wait ...what? A Guitar Hero MMO? At that point it's time to rename the damn thing."

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