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Ubisoft makes The Crew available for free

By Daniel Perez, Sep 14, 2016 8:46am PDT

As part of its 30th anniversary, Ubisoft has made its open-world racing game, The Crew, available for free on PC.


"It was pretty bad but right now the client is fine. You should give it another go"

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The Division public test servers rollout has been delayed

By Daniel Perez, Sep 12, 2016 7:08am PDT

Sorry, Agents. No public test servers for us this week.


""more time to include key elements that are critical to the overall [...] experience." Yeah, ..."

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The Division to get a Public Test Server to keep bugs quarantined

By John Keefer, Aug 31, 2016 11:58am PDT

The plan to to cure the bug before it gets into the wild.


Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection promotional image leaks

By Daniel Perez, Aug 31, 2016 6:32am PDT

A promotional image for Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection has apparently been leaked.


Watch Dogs 2's latest gameplay trailer highlights free-roam and multiplayer options

By Daniel Perez, Aug 29, 2016 9:30am PDT

Ubisoft has made some significant improvements to Watch Dogs 2, and today, a new video has been released to highlight many of them.


"I am with you, I think it looks awesome. I watched the whole video and everything I saw looks ..."

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Ubisoft is pulling the plug on Ghost Recon Phantoms and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

By David Craddock, Aug 26, 2016 2:16pm PDT

Neither game reached as wide an audience as the publisher hoped.


"That's too bad about the user generated content failure. I'd like to see more games do something ..."

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The Division expansions delayed to fix core gameplay issues first

By John Keefer, Aug 25, 2016 9:47am PDT

Update 1.4 will hit in October, with Survival and Last Stand coming out later.


"Nice, we've played through the latest saints row, Divinity Original Sin, Borderland 2 and ..."

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR experience launching in November

By John Keefer, Aug 18, 2016 9:22am PDT

Go where no Trek game has gone before on Rift, Vive and PSVR.


"Awesome, excited to try this out. Also that Werewolves within looks interesting."

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Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection found on Korean rating board

By John Keefer, Aug 18, 2016 8:51am PDT

Ratings given for an Xbox One and PS4 version.


Watch Dogs 2 videos dive into multiplayer, co-op and bounty hunters

By John Keefer, Aug 17, 2016 9:50am PDT

Kill too many innocents and you can have other players come hunting you.


Rayman Origins now free to download on PC via Uplay

By Daniel Perez, Aug 17, 2016 6:45am PDT

Ubisoft continues to celebrate its 30th anniversary by offering Rayman Origins for free.


"Especially on the Wii U with someone on the gamepad. So much fun."

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets an 'End is Near' upgrade

By John Keefer, Aug 12, 2016 7:40am PDT

Ubisoft is taking this immersion thing to ridiculous levels.


Ubisoft confirms Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain will star, produce The Division film

By Daniel Perez, Aug 02, 2016 6:32am PDT

The film for The Division is getting some major star power as both Gyllenhaal and Chastain will both star and produce the upcoming motion picture.


"Devil's Advocate and that episode of X-Files with the female Djinn granting wishes."

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Ubisoft Introduces New Singing Game Just Sing

By Brittany Vincent, Aug 01, 2016 7:55am PDT

...But is it going to be any good?


"Do you have to climb towers to reveal more lyrics in the song?"

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell available for free on PC

By Daniel Perez, Jul 13, 2016 11:30am PDT

You can experience the start of the iconic Splinter Cell franchise right now!


"Well that's good to hear. I'd be interested to fire it up again, but it will probably just make ..."

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