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Resistance: Burning Skies Memorial trailer

Resistance: Burning Skies remembers the many souls lost during the occupation of Europe and the world following the events of the Resistance series.

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Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer trailer

Tom Riley fights on in Resistance: Burning Skies, even with the Chimeran invasion going full force in August of 1951, to find his family amidst the chaos of the war.

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Resistance 3 'Alice Springs survivor' Trailer

A survivor of the Alice Springs Chimeran assault discusses the events following the battle. You are the resistance.

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Resistance 3 'Gamescom 2011 Follow Capelli' Trailer

Resistance 3 gets a stylish minimalistic trailer titled Follow Capelli for Gamescom 2011.

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Resistance 3 'Motion capture' Documentary

Insomniac Games shows how the motion is captured for Resistance 3, coming to the PlayStation 3.

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Resistance 3 'Alice Springs' Trailer

Travel to Alice Springs and get a first look at the multiplayer level coming to the PlayStation 3 in Resistance 3.

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Resistance 3 'Journey' Trailer

Alex Capelli travels across the Chimera infested United States four years after the conclusion of Resistance 2.

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Global Resistance 'Announcement' Trailer

The resistance goes global as Insomniac Games teases its free online Resistance tie-in.