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Guild Wars 2 'The Origins of Madness' teaser trailer

Related Topics – Guild Wars 2, PC, NCSoft, ArenaNet

A giant robot and huge wurm are unleashed in the next phrase of Scarlet Briar's plans, coming as Guild Wars 2's Living World arc nears its end.

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LEGO The Hobbit announcement trailer

Bilbo and the gang bounce onto every system under the sun in a video game based upon the first two movies from Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy.

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The Elder Scrolls Online War in Cyrodiil trailer

Heroes and adventurers throw down in a trailer showing off the MMORPG's large-scale PvP battles.

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Company of Heroes 2 Lazur Factory trailer

Tour Lazur Factory, one of the two multiplayer maps coming to Relic's RTS in the free 'Turning Point' update. It'll also bring a map editor to make your own.

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Edge of Space Terraria crossover trailer

Bits of Terraria blast off into Edge of Space, including the skellington boss Skeletron, reborn as Omegatron.

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Dungeon of the Endless teaser trailer

Rougelike RPG and tower defense are smooshed together in this game from the folks behind 4X strategy game Endless Space.

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Grinsia announcement trailer

Related Topics – Grinsia, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Mac, Linux, Nicalis, Kemco

Kemco's retro RPG is coming from mobile to PC, Nintendo 3DS, Mac and Linux, thanks to publisher Nicalis.

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Betrayer announcement trailer

Related Topics – Betrayer, PC, Blackpowder Games

Something's gone awfully wrong at an English colony in Virginia in this black-and-white-and-red FPS made by veterans of F.E.A.R. creator Monolith.

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Company of Heroes 2 Langreskaya trailer

Classic Company of Heroes map Langres is reborn as Langreskaya for CoH 2, in both summer and winter flavours.

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Endless Space: Disharmony announcement trailer

A new faction comes to the 4X space strategy game in its first expansion, Disharmony. It's set to blast off this summer.

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Company of Heroes 2 cinematic trailer

Life was not easy for Red Army soldiers on the Eastern Front, no siree.

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Rift free-to-play developer diary trailer

Trion Worlds prepares to switch its MMORPG from subscriptions to free-to-play on June 12.

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Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition announcement trailer

The meta-RPG comes to PC, then back to mobile again, in a shiny revamped +1 Edition thanks to Paradox.

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WildStar devspeak: housing trailer

Related Topics – WildStar, PC, NCSoft, Carbine Studios

A lovely look at how you can create and customise your own house in the MMORPG.

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Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers announcement trailer

Get planeswalking again this summer in Magic 2014 - DotP, this year coming to Android as well as PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS.