PAX East 2013 News


Marvel Heroes preview: balancing gods

By Steve Watts, Mar 29, 2013 12:00pm PDT

We get hands on with Marvel Heroes, and talk with Gazillion's Stephen Reid about balancing the game and selecting the Marvel roster.


"For those wanting to get in on the closed beta, if you buy in on the Premium or Ultimate ..."

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Civilization 5 devs on forging a Brave New World

By Steve Watts, Mar 29, 2013 11:30am PDT

We talk with Civilization 5 senior producer Dennis Shirk and Brave New World lead designer Ed Beech about the motivations and intricacies of the upcoming expansion.


"heh, there's those new "XCOM squad" units fighting that Giant Death Robot."

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One year later: how Double Fine shaped its Kickstarter game

By Steve Watts, Mar 28, 2013 2:25pm PDT

We talk with Double Fine producer Greg Rice about the newly-named Broken Age, its crowd-funded adventure game.


"Really wish I had gotten in on this Kickstarter. I didn't realize they were funding a making-of ..."

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Call of Juarez Gunslinger preview: flexible fiction

By Steve Watts, Mar 28, 2013 10:00am PDT

We talk with Techland's Blazej Krakowiak about the old west and unreliable narrator in Call of Juarez Gunslinger, and get a hands-on for some impressions.


"Woot! Love western games, still looking for another Red Dead Redemption."

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Dishonored 'Knife of Dunwall' preview: Corvo's mirror

By Steve Watts, Mar 28, 2013 8:00am PDT

A hands-on with the upcoming "Knife of Dunwall" downloadable content for Dishonored, with thoughts from creative director Ricardo Bare.


"I tried buying Dishonored through Gamefly last weekend and it triggered a flag with my bank; ..."

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft preview: Blizzard's F2P experiment

By Steve Watts, Mar 28, 2013 6:45am PDT

We get hands-on with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and talk to executive producer Hamilton Chu and game designer Ben Brode.


"It hasn't been said, but I'm guessing they will also plan direct tie-ins with WoW and probably ..."

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Transistor preview: finding a new voice

By Steve Watts, Mar 27, 2013 7:45am PDT

We get hands-on with Transistor, and talk with Supergiant co-founder and studio director Amir Rao about its sophomore effort.


DuckTales Remastered preview: classic gems

By Steve Watts, Mar 26, 2013 11:15am PDT

We get a hands-on with DuckTales Remastered, and some insights from producer Rey Jimenez.


"Until I watched a video of the ending with what happens when you finish with no money, I forgot ..."

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Dead Island: Riptide preview: pulled back in

By Steve Watts, Mar 26, 2013 9:15am PDT

A hands-on with Dead Island: Riptide brings the survivors back to save a village from zombies.


"I disliked the first game. Hopefully this improves greatly over it."

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Saints Row 4 preview: all the president's superpowers

By Steve Watts, Mar 26, 2013 8:15am PDT

A preview of Saints Row 4 from a hands-off press demo given at PAX East 2013.


"This game looks amazing so far, but what I'm worried about is what they do next. A fresh coat of ..."

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Halo 4 'Forge Island' coming on April 11

By Steve Watts, Mar 25, 2013 3:15pm PDT

The Halo 4 panel at PAX East revealed a few upcoming additions: a free Forge Island map, a new skill ranking system, and a title update with balance adjustments.


Dust: An Elysian Tail coming to Steam, aiming for April release

By Steve Watts, Mar 25, 2013 2:30pm PDT

Dust: An Elysian Tail is coming to Steam soon, and may hit as early as sometime in April.


"Just beat this game. A bit too furry but it's a really fun game. The ending kind of pissed me ..."

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Diablo 3 PS3 preview: couch looting

By Steve Watts, Mar 25, 2013 12:00pm PDT

A hands-on preview of Diablo 3 running on a PlayStation 3, peppered with thoughts from senior level designer Matthew Berger.


Civilization 5 'Brave New World' coming July 9

By Steve Watts, Mar 25, 2013 8:15am PDT

Civilization 5's "Brave New World" expansion will release July 9, Firaxis has announced.


"Man, every day I think I should start a new Civ5 game, and every day I get distracted. Today ..."

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Borderlands 2 new Vault Hunter, level cap detailed

By Steve Watts, Mar 24, 2013 10:00am PDT

Today at its PAX East panel, Gearbox detailed its sixth playable character and the impending level cap increase.


"Agree, and that is why I didn't understand why they tweaked it. It's a single player/co-op ..."

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