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Microsoft and Nintendo Team Up to Embrace Minecraft Cross-play in Latest Trailer

By Brittany Vincent, Jun 21, 2018 3:15pm PDT

Gaming is better when everyone can be involved. 


Minecraft on Nintendo Switch Gets Cross-Platform Play and Physical Release This Summer

By Brittany Vincent, May 10, 2018 5:15pm PDT

Now you can play with friends outside the Switch version, too!


Outfit Your Minecraft Characters With Sharp-Looking Final Fantasy XV Skins

By Brittany Vincent, Apr 25, 2018 7:25am PDT

If you can look like Noctis, always try to look like Noctis. 


MineCon Earth 2018 Returns This Fall With Cosplay and Community-Themed Events

By Brittany Vincent, Apr 11, 2018 4:45pm PDT

Hang out with other block-loving friends at the annual event. 


Gamevice Introduces Minecraft Edition Bundle

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 15, 2018 6:00am PST

Show the world how much you love Minecraft with a new Gamevice bundled with everything you need to enjoy mining on the go. 


"Hmm, they make controllers for iPad Pro 10.5" as well. I wonder what games it'll open up to ..."

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Minecraft Skin Pack 1 Brings Master Chief & Banjo to Nintendo Platforms

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 30, 2018 9:55am PST

Also, the Moana Character Pack is out today, so you're welcome!


Minecraft Goes Under the Sea with 'The Update Aquatic'

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 18, 2017 4:55pm PST

MINECON Earth had plenty for Minecraft fans, including details on the game's next update.


"Cool, thought it was strange they did almost nothing with the underwater aspect of the game when ..."

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Minecraft 'Better Together' Update Live on Most Platforms

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 20, 2017 12:25pm PDT

Stand up and cheer for the long-awaited Minecraft Better Together update, which is now live! (Not you, Switch owners. Take a seat, you might be waiting a while.)


Minecraft 'Better Together' Update Brings Halo Content to Other Platforms

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 18, 2017 6:35pm PDT

Halo texture packs in Minecraft will be available on more than just Xbox One, as Minecraft's PR team confirmed that Halo-related mash-up packs can be taken over to Nintendo, iOS, Amazon, and other platforms.


Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition Assembles Today

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 13, 2017 3:13pm PDT

The 3DS finally has a version of Minecraft to call its own.


"OK a) I admire the effort but I have to think the target audience for this moved on to tablet ..."

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Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle: What's in It and How to Pre-Order

By David Craddock, Aug 21, 2017 2:00pm PDT

Build up your enthusiasm for the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle with our guide to pre-ordering and its contents.


Minecraft Cross-Play Conversation Continues Between Microsoft and Sony

By Charles Singletary, Aug 03, 2017 1:10pm PDT

Microsoft wants to play nice but it seems something is holding Sony back.


"What's holding sony back is investment in infrastructure and a lack of public community backlash."

- mobab see all 3 comments

DayZ Map Recreated in Minecraft

By Chris Jarrard, Jul 24, 2017 8:20am PDT

A project years in the making, the Chernarus map featured in DayZ and Arma 2 has been faithfully recreated in Minecraft.


"That's why the article says "Chernarus made its debut back in 2009, with the release of Arma 2" ..."

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Modojo Rewind: E3 Week Madness

By Kevin Tucker, Jun 16, 2017 5:00pm PDT

Your weekly roundup of the biggest stories in mobile and portable gaming, courtesy of your friends at Modojo.


E3 2017: Better Together Update Brings 4K And Cross-Play To Minecraft

By Kevin Tucker, Jun 11, 2017 3:05pm PDT

Mojang's breakout title Minecraft is still growing and evolving.