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New Avengers: Infinity War DLC Comes to Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

By Brittany Vincent, Apr 19, 2018 11:25am PDT

The Avengers are crashing the party with this latest round of DLC. 


The King Arrives! Black Panther DLC Coming To LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

By Charles Singletary, Feb 13, 2018 10:45am PST

Six new playable characters and a wonderfully realized Wakanda are coming to LEGO Marvel in a new DLC pack right in time for the movie's release.


"I'm angry that this game somehow slipped by me. I'm generally all over these Lego games, but ..."

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review: Awesome Mix Vol. 2

By Brittany Vincent, Nov 20, 2017 9:00am PST

Is a second rendezvous with Marvel favorites in Lego form worth taking? Our review.


TT Games acquires Golf Clash developer Playdemic to work on Lego mobile games

By David Craddock, Feb 08, 2017 2:45pm PST

Playdemic started out developing Facebook games before shifting its focus to mobile platforms.


Minecraft LEGO sets leak online

By Daniel Perez, Oct 14, 2014 7:20am PDT

Minecraft is about to get even more blocky now that a Lego set based on the game is expected to be released this holiday season.


"Yea they were cool, if these sets are bigger, fuller sets, hell yea count me in!"

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LEGO Minifigures MMO coming from Funcom

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 28, 2012 6:00am PDT

The last attempt to build a LEGO MMO, LEGO Universe, didn't turn out so well and shut down after only fifteen months. Undeterred, The Secret World developer Funcom announced today it has licensed the rights to make a LEGO MMO, based on the weird and wonderful LEGO Minifigure...


"It would be like Minecraft with more variety... that sounds awesome. Now I want to play that ..."

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Minecraft studio shows off Legos

By Steve Watts, Feb 16, 2012 12:00pm PST

Mojang Specifications is in Copenhagen to show off the upcoming Minecraft sets at LEGOworld, and has posted the first images and video on its blog.


"I read the headline as "Minecraft studio shows off Legs" and was first confused, but eventually ..."

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Official LEGO Minecraft sets in the works

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 24, 2012 4:15pm PST

LEGO Cuusoo has announced that official LEGO Minecraft sets have been approved, and are entering the design stage.


"I'm guessing this is going to be a limited run with normal size bricks painted "minecrafty" ..."

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WB Interactive exec shares successes, teases new DC superhero game

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 18, 2011 4:15pm PDT

Warner Bros. Interactive discusses its secrets to recent success, and teases a number of new titles for next year, including another game starring a DC superhero.