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King's Quest Review In Progress: 'Rubble Without A Cause' Impressions

By Daniel Perez, Dec 16, 2015 9:00am PST

The kingdom of Daventry has a new king, but will King Graham buckle under the pressure of ruling over an entire kingdom? Our review.


"The first episode was so good, really enjoyed it and it seemed really long for an episodic game."

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King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause tells its tale in mid-December

By Daniel Perez, Dec 01, 2015 7:34am PST

Prepare to learn more about King Graham's past as King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause is set to be released in just a few weeks.


PAX Prime 2015: King's Quest is 'Rubble Without a Cause' this fall

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 30, 2015 1:11pm PDT

The first details on the second chapter of King's Quest was revealed earlier this weekend at PAX Prime, which will go by the title 'Rubble Without a Cause' and take place five years after the events of 'A Knight to Remember.'


PlayStation 4 owners unable to play King's Quest due to bug [Update: Sierra responds]

By Daniel Perez, Jul 28, 2015 8:27am PDT

King's Quest is finally here, but if you're expecting to play the game on PlayStation 4, you could be in for quite the headache.


King's Quest begins its epic adventure in July with A Knight to Remember

By Daniel Perez, Jun 30, 2015 6:34am PDT

Sierra Games has announced the release date for the first episode of King's Quest, called A Knight to Remember.


E3 2015: King's Quest: A Knight to Remember will premiere in July

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 15, 2015 2:38pm PDT

King's Quest now has a new subtitle: A Knight to Remember. The game is also on the verge of release, with the first episode set to premiere next month.


"I haven't watched the videos yet but I'm excited. The King's Quest series was one of my more ..."

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King's Quest dev diary offers glimpse at its digitized hand-drawn art style

By Daniel Perez, May 20, 2015 1:20pm PDT

In this new developer diary, we learn about the process The Odd Gentlemen have to go to in order to transfer hand-drawn art into a video game world.


"Still want to know more about the actual gameplay. Keeps looking more and more like a ..."

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King's Quest voice cast led by Christopher Lloyd

By Ozzie Mejia, May 11, 2015 1:45pm PDT

The new King's Quest will feature a voice cast filled with voice acting veterans, but it'll all be led by long-time actor Christopher Lloyd.


"The audio files are rather heavy. Compression ratio is only 1.21 to 1."

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King's Quest dev diary introduces us to The Odd Gentlemen's vision

By Daniel Perez, Apr 21, 2015 8:00am PDT

King's Quest is making a comeback this year, and in Sierra's first dev diary from The Odd Gentlemen, we take a look at how the studio became the ones in charge of revitalizing this legendary franchise.


"Glad I wasn't the only scratching there head on what the gameplay will be."

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Geometry Wars and King's Quest return under the Sierra label

By Robert Workman, Aug 12, 2014 7:05am PDT

Whether you prefer adventure or shooting, it's a welcome return.


"Seems like a decent idea. BTW before anyone gets fired up about non-adventure titles, while ..."

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Activision has plans for King's Quest game

By John Keefer, Apr 02, 2013 10:47am PDT

Telltale Games had promised a reboot of the King's Quest games from Sierra On-Line in 2011, but between developing The Walking Dead and the just announced Fables game The Wolf Among Us, the title never materialized. Now, it appears that Activision has plans for the series si...


"Posts like this make me want to install lolscript, but i don't like greasemonkey so have a LOL ..."

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