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Just Dance 4 E3 2012 Puppet Master gameplay trailer

Check out some new gameplay for Just Dance 4 from E3 2012.

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Just Dance 4 E3 2012 debut trailer

Just Dance 4 gets its groove on with Ubisoft at E3 2012 with a new announcement trailer.

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Just Dance Kids 2 'Announcement' Trailer

Dance along to all your favourite child-friendly pop tunes. Why, you can even whip your hair back and forth (whip your hair back and forth).

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Just Dance 3 'Just Create Mode for Kinect' Trailer

Choreograph your favorite moves and record them directly to the Kinect to share with your friends online.

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Just Dance 2 'Katy Perry invitation' Trailer

Head on over to Facebook to enter a contest to meet Katy Perry.