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Second opinion: Dustforce cleans up on consoles

By Robert Workman, Feb 15, 2015 10:15am PST

More than two years ago, we reviewed Hitbox Team's Dustforce for PC, addressing its creative level design and challenging controls. Now, it's jumping onto consoles with a PS3 and Vita release already out, and an Xbox 360 version on its way.


Dustforce adds free map packs to Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita versions

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 04, 2014 5:30pm PDT

When Dustforce released on Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita, it was missing a little something from their PC counterpart: the level editor. But as promised, Capcom and Hitbox Team have compiled the best custom maps from the PC game into free downloadable DLC that's available for pick...


Dustforce now cleaning up on Xbox 360

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 26, 2014 11:00am PDT

Having already removed tough stains from PC, PS3, and Vita, Dustforce is now moving on to clean up on Xbox 360.


"You can still get both for a buck and a bunch of other stuff for a little more: ..."

- pyide see all 4 comments

Dustforce on PlayStation 3 and Vita today, Xbox 360 soon

By Steve Watts, Feb 04, 2014 1:00pm PST

Dustforce is starting to hit consoles today, as the PS3 and Vita versions should be available with the PlayStation Store update. An Xbox 360 version is set to follow soon.


"I'd say the soundtrack makes the game. It gets hard as balls but the synergy of those great ..."

- pyide see all 4 comments

Dustforce settling on Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita in January

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 09, 2013 6:00am PDT

The console version of Team Hitbox's fast-sweeping platformer Dustforce will launch in January 2014 for $9.99, publisher Capcom has announced. The plucky janitors are bringing their wall-running, air-dashing, and dust-busting powers to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita.


"One of my absolute favorite indie games. The sound track is amazing, and makes each level even ..."

- XwingVmanX see all 2 comments

Dustforce sweeps onto PS3, Vita, and Xbox 360

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 03, 2013 9:00am PDT

Dustforce has been cleaning up on PC and Mac since early 2012 and Capcom will now bring Hitbox Team's tough-as-nails platformer to Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita.


"Guess Hitbox Team is too busy with Spire to do it themselves? Capcom seems like a decent fit ..."

- pyide see all 2 comments

Dustforce dev announces first-person platformer Spire

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 15, 2013 7:30am PST

As someone who largely skipped consoles growing up, the countless modern indie platformers inspired by the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Metroid hold no nostalgic draw for me. But hearing Dustforce developer Team Hitbox cite Quake 3's dizzying potential for "majestic moves"...


"Sounds like a cool idea, and Dustforce was really fun so I have hopes they can pull it off!"

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IGF 2012 Main Competition finalists announced

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 10, 2012 11:30am PST

The finalists for the 14th annual Independent Games Festival's Main Competition have been announced, highlighting some of the greatest indie games of 2012.


"kind of weird that most of the games under "Technical Excellence" are retro lo-fi games"

- spiderfill see all 6 comments

Dustforce sweeping onto Steam later this year

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 13, 2011 1:00pm PDT

Delightful dirt-destroying "acrobatic puzzle platformer" Dustforce has reappeared on the radar with new screenshots, a trailer, and word that it'll be released via Steam later this year.


"So it's a slightly slower Super Meat Boy with dust and an action button?.. I hope they nail the ..."

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