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XCOM: Enemy Within Gamescom 2013 gameplay trailer

XCOM: Enemy Within gets a hands-on gameplay walkthrough at Gamescom 2013 exclusively with 2K Games.

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XCOM: Enemy Within Security Breach trailer

Humanity has a new threat to deal with, as if the extraterrestrial invasion force wasn't enough, as EXALT begins to make a nuisance of itself in XCOM: Enemy Within.

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XIII 'Story' Trailer

Amnesia haunts you after being told you assassinated the President. Fight to prove your innocence in the cel-shaded, comic book style XIII.

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Borderlands 2 'Gamescom 2011 teaser' Trailer

Step right up! This is the New-U station. When you use this device, your DNA profile is automatically identified and stored. Please activate the New-U station now. Borderlands 2 teaser trailer lands at Gamescom 2011.