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Fortnite Content Update 5.10 Brings Back the Guided Missile for Fly Explosives LTM

By Sam Chandler, Jul 31, 2018 7:10am PDT

Two items are coming out of the vault to shake up the formula of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.


Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 3 Leak Reveals the Modern Military Set As Next Season 5 Drop

By Brittany Vincent, Jul 30, 2018 10:25am PDT

Grab four new pieces of skin equipment as a Twitch Prime member. 


Epic Games Addresses Accusation that iDroPz_BoDiEs Cheated at Fortnite Summer Skirmish

By Charles Singletary, Jul 27, 2018 12:25pm PDT

There was a storm of a different kind brewing after the competitive event held over the weekend.


"Lol what an embarrassment of a company. That's the stupidest tournament I've ever heard of. Of ..."

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Leaderboards, Rules, and Rewards - Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 27, 2018 12:05pm PDT

The new Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM is here, and we've got details concerning leaderboards, rules, rewards, and how to check the current Solo Showdown standings.


Fortnite's New Submachine Gun Nerfed in Latest Hotfix

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 25, 2018 5:20pm PDT

The newly added Fortnite SMG has found itself on the business end of a new update that aims to balance changes with the weapon's power and rate of fire.


Clay Pigeon Locations - Fortnite Week 3 Challenge

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 25, 2018 2:50pm PDT

Fortnite Battle Pass week 3 challenges have arrived, tasking players with taking out clay pigeons at five different skeet shooting locations.


Birthday Cake Locations and Map - Dance Challenge in Fortnite

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 25, 2018 11:40am PDT

Gamers can earn all-new rewards by finding the location of birthday cakes spread across the Fortnite map and then dancing in front of them.


Fortnite Jump Pads Epic Games' Tim Sweeney To Billionaire

By Charles Singletary, Jul 25, 2018 11:15am PDT

Someone grab the champagne!!!


"Carmack had an F50 that he modded to install new turbochargers, and I think he collected ..."

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Slurp Juice Pulled From Fortnite Following Buff in Update 5.10 Patch

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 24, 2018 1:00pm PDT

Recently buffed Fortnite healing item Slurp Juice has been removed from the game, with Epic Games stating they're working on a fix.


Fortnite Brings Back Playground LTM This Week With 'More Loot'

By Brittany Vincent, Jul 23, 2018 4:15pm PDT

Get ready to jump back into the game's creative sandbox-style mode.


Flippin' Incredible Emote, Chomp Sr. and Jr. Highlight Fortnite Item Shop Update

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 23, 2018 11:30am PDT

The latest Fortnite item shop update includes the new Flippin' Incredible emote as well as the Chomp Sr. and Chomp Jr. players and pickaxe skins.


Fortnite's First Birthday Is Coming, Celebrate With Unique Challenges, Llama, and More

By Charles Singletary, Jul 20, 2018 10:25am PDT

Starting on July 24, Save The World and Battle Royale players will be able to complete special birthday challenges. 


Tencent's WeGame Platform Is Getting Fortnite This Month

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 19, 2018 4:45pm PDT

The China-based publisher is bringing Epic Games' breakout hit Fortnite to the WeGame digital shop, and it's set to release soon.


All Basketball Hoop Locations in Fortnite

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 19, 2018 11:10am PDT

Where are all the basketball hoops in Fortnite? We break down the location of each court players need to find to complete the Season 5 week 2 challenge.


Fortnite Has Amassed A Whopping $1 Billion From In-Game Purchases

By Brittany Vincent, Jul 18, 2018 3:45pm PDT

Color us all shocked. 


"I see guys in Path of Exile every day wearing hundreds of dollars worth of skins with hundreds ..."

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