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All Basketball Hoop Locations in Fortnite

By Kevin Tucker, Jul 19, 2018 11:10am PDT

Where are all the basketball hoops in Fortnite? We break down the location of each court players need to find to complete the Season 5 week 2 challenge.


Fortnite Has Amassed A Whopping $1 Billion From In-Game Purchases

By Brittany Vincent, Jul 18, 2018 3:45pm PDT

Color us all shocked. 


"I see guys in Path of Exile every day wearing hundreds of dollars worth of skins with hundreds ..."

- Old_Fart see all 23 comments
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Infinity Blade III: Soul Hunter announce trailer

ChAIR Entertainment brings Infinity Blade III: Soul Hunter to all players for free on October 31, 2013, where you will travel to Metius Observatory to face down the Deathless Bloodmage Oslim.

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Fortnight (Concept Art)

Fortnight (Concept Art) Fortnight (Concept Art) Fortnight (Concept Art)

Fortnight (7/8/14)

Fortnight (7/8/14) Fortnight (7/8/14) Fortnight (7/8/14)
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