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Last Guardian director says to 'keep an eye out' for release details

Last Guardian director says to 'keep an eye out' for release details

Word on The Last Guardian has been awfully quiet lately, as the latest we've heard has been about technical difficulties way back in June. We may be close to more information, though, as the game's creative director has told eager fans to "keep an eye out" for official release details.

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"F them in the A, seriously. TLG is one of the main reason I bought a PS3. :( (that and BluRay)"
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Watch an hour of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Watch an hour of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

You wouldn't know it from watching the bang-pow-quote-cinematic-die-die trailers, but XCOM: Enemy Unknown is actually a turn-based tactical affair in the same vein as the widely-celebrated original X-COM games. Fortunately, publisher 2K decided to show off the game itself yesterday, though you'll have missed it if you don't follow social Twitfacestreams. So come, enjoy an hour of tactical delights.

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"That's what the rabid X-Com fans want to hear, though. And it wasn't every time something ..."
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PlanetSide 2 E3 presentation covers all the bases

PlanetSide 2 E3 presentation covers all the bases

Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 is quite an ambitious undertaking. If you haven't been following the free-to-play shooter very closely, this seven minute video from E3 should cover the bases. This is the same presentation shown to attendees of E3--and if you couldn't find a way to sneak into the convention center, this is a great alternative.

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"id imagine they use the word ambitious cause they are claiming 2k people per continent ( 2000 ..."
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The Last of Us wins Best of Show from E3 Game Critics

The Last of Us wins Best of Show from E3 Game Critics

Hyperviolence was all the rage at this year's E3. However, only one hyperviolent game could take the crown. The Game Critics Awards have finally been determined, and Naughty Dog has come on top with The Last of Us. Its strong performance pushed PS3 to the top of the heap, with PS3 as the most-winning platform. Sony Computer Entertainment is the most-winning publisher as well, with 7 awards.

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"I think South Park winning best RPG is quite indicative of the lack of RPGs at E3 this year. Not ..."
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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission preview

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission preview

QUICKTAKE: Freedom of choice reigns supreme in Bohemia Interactive's upcoming RTS/action hybrid. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission can be played as either as a full-on RTS or players can jump into the cockpit of their own units for a more direct approach. Both ways prove to be fun and intuitive.

THE DEMO: The PC version showed off a polished skirmish between two different factions fighting over 33 islands. After the Bohemia rep showed off the three different island types (mining, production, and defense), the demo showed off the game's combat system and some brief snippets of the campaign.

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"Almost missed this preview. Bohemia is trying to do something a bit different, it's cool. I ..."
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Shack Staff's E3 2012 disappointments

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Shack Staff's E3 2012 disappointments

Earlier this week, we took a look at our favorite moments of E3. Now, we reminisce about what disappointed us at this year's show.

While this year's E3 was home to a number of great games, many felt disappointed by the lack of truly big announcements by the big three. "As much as I enjoyed the shows for Halo 4, Pikmin 3, and God of War: Ascension, I'd rather have revelations that are truly shocking, even if they're for B-tier franchises," Steve lamented. "We want to see something fresh and surprising."

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"Watchdogs, Splinter Cell, Zombiu, and Last of us were looking awesome! "
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Game Critics Awards reveals E3 2012 nominees

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Game Critics Awards reveals E3 2012 nominees

Every year, dozens of video game outlets--Shacknews included--vote on their favorite games from E3. BioShock Infinite won last year's awards, but what will take home the crown this year? Before the judges decide the ultimate winner, the organization has released this year's "Best of" nominees.

Games with the most nods this year include Dishonored, Halo 4, and The Last of Us--taking home four nominations each. Sony is the most nominated publisher of the year, with 12 nods. Finally, PS3 is home to the most nominated games, with 52 nominations total.

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"It's possible. The definition of "playable" is somewhat nebulous I think."
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Shack Staff's E3 2012 favorites

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Shack Staff's E3 2012 favorites

It's been a week since E3 2012 closed its doors. For some, it was an underwhelming show due to the lack of next-gen announcements. For others, the deluge of high-quality games at the show made it sufficiently exciting. The Shacknews team looked back at the show, and reflected on some of their highlights.

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Star Trek preview

Star Trek preview

As a fan of all things Kirk and Spock, I entered the E3 2012 behind-closed-doors Star Trek gameplay demo feeling cautiously optimistic. I'd previously seen the game played live at the Namco Bandai Global Gamers Day event, and very much liked what I saw. This time around, a new section of the game was on display on two screens (in 3D)--one showing Kirk's perspective and one showing Spock's--and though not a ton of new information was revealed, we did learn a few new tidbits, such as a new location and the game's primary enemy.

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"I feel ya on that man, I had my mother sell mine on ebay years and years ago for some extra cash ..."
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The Cave preview

The Cave preview

It's not often that I end up grinning ear-to-ear throughout the course of a hands-off demo presentation, but Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions' upcoming adventure game, The Cave, had exactly that effect on me. Gilbert's best known for classic adventure titles like Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island, and more recently, the DeathSpank games. As such, it's not really that surprising that The Cave retains the developer's quirky sense of humor. What was surprising, however, was how his new game presents a more modern and engaging take on adventure gaming and eliminates many of the genre's annoyances, while simultaneously keeping the core of what made them successful in the first place.

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"this does actually look pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing more as the release date approaches"
- Wiz74    See all 8 comments

Rayman Legends: the best Wii U platformer at E3

Rayman Legends: the best Wii U platformer at E3

Given the incredible reception towards last year's Rayman Origins, we've got pretty high expectations for Rayman Legends. Playable at the Nintendo booth on the E3 2012 show floor, and I had an opportunity to grab a Wii U tablet for myself and sample some co-op gameplay with a Ubisoft representative.

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"love the music at the end level that matchs in with the game play"
- okellyc    See all 4 comments

Nyko PlayPad controller for Android impresses with backwards compatibility app

Nyko PlayPad controller for Android impresses with backwards compatibility app

While there are many great mobile games that work perfectly fine with touch controls, others are a bit lacking. Virtual control sticks and virtual buttons are a sufficient stopgap for some--but people like myself prefer the precision offered by physical buttons and analog sticks.

Nyko is the latest peripheral manufacturer to attempt creating a game pad for mobile devices. However, what makes their controller so unique is not the hardware itself--but bundled software that can ensure backwards compatibility with all mobile games.

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"I wouldn't carry this thing around, but I'm considering getting something like this because I ..."
- Gwyndion    See all 3 comments

Multi-touch Wii U GamePad would be too 'unwieldy' according to Nintendo president

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Multi-touch Wii U GamePad would be too 'unwieldy' according to Nintendo president

The Wii U GamePad's touch screen only supports single touch. While that may seem like a step backwards for gamers used to multi-touch offered by their smartphone screens, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime disagrees. "We thought that single-touch was a more appropriate option, especially when you've got other button configurations," he said.

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"It's stupid not to include it since they have the option now. Even if it's something that most ..."
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The Walking Dead: Episode 2 preview

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 preview

Note: This preview contains spoilers from episode one and two of the game.

The Walking Dead's second episode, is set to arrive later this month, but I took an early look at the first 20 minutes of it during E3. Utilizing the same captivating formula of the first episode, "Starved for Help" showed off numerous player decisions and the consequences that resulted from them.

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"yeah why can't they just pump these suckers out on a weekly basis. What a bunch of slackers, ..."
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive preview

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive preview

Counter-Strike remains, to this day, the one title in which I've logged the most gameplay hours. For this reason, I was both cautiously optimistic and a bit nervous as I approached the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive kiosks in the Microsoft Xbox 360 area at E3. Not all of the series' spin-offs have been very good, and I'd never played Counter-Strike with anything other than a mouse and keyboard.

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"yeah but some people have to prove that can't be hoodwinked. They going to take a copy of CS:GO ..."
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Top Games

  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  2. Resistance 3
  3. DayZ
  4. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
  5. Frozen Synapse
  6. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  7. Space Pirates and Zombies 2
  8. Hearts of Iron IV
  9. The Walking Dead: Season Two
  10. MX vs. ATV Supercross

Most Anticipated

  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  2. DayZ
  3. Space Pirates and Zombies 2
  4. Hearts of Iron IV
  5. The Walking Dead: Season Two
  6. MX vs. ATV Supercross
  7. Frozen Endzone
  8. Batman: Arkham Knight
  9. Survarium
  10. Kerbal Space Program

Top Rentals

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Beyond: Two Souls
  3. Batman: Arkham Origins
  4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  6. Battlefield 4
  7. NBA 2K14
  8. Diablo III
  9. Madden NFL 25
  10. The Last of Us