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3DR Teases 'Numerous' Duke Nukem Games, 'Looking to Bring Duke into Casual Gaming'

By Chris Faylor, Dec 26, 2009 11:30am PST

While it's been a rather tumultuous year for Duke Nukem series handler 3D Realms--the company laid off its internal development team in May,...


"The other truth is , when there is Duke news on shack , it's always the most popular :) ..."

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Three Duke Nukem Games Headed to iPhone

By Nick Breckon, Jun 08, 2009 2:32pm PDT

In marking today's release of Prey Invasion for the iPhone, 3D Realms' Scott Miller tells Shacknews that beleaguered videogame hero Duke Nukem will...


"well at least it would be a bit of money to upgrade to a new engine. "

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