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Watch Diablo 3's Rise of the Necromancer Intro Cinematic Here

By David Craddock, Jun 01, 2017 2:00pm PDT

Sink your Teeth (Diablo Necromancer joke!) into Rise of the Necromancer's intro cutscene.


Diablo 3's Necromancer Has a Bone to Pick in Closed Beta

By David Craddock, Apr 11, 2017 4:15pm PDT

Cast curses and raise the dead with this fan-favorite class from Diablo 2.


"They are not similar at all though. After playing for a few hours at 70, there's just nothing ..."

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Diablo III New Patch Bringing Anniversary Events Now Live

By Jason Faulkner, Jan 04, 2017 1:40pm PST

Diablo III’s patch 2.4.3 brings anniversary content to the game and coincides with Diablo-themed patches from other Blizzard titles.


"Man after playing Grim Dawn I'm not sure if I can go back to Diablo 3. "

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Hearthstone's Diablo-themed battle against the Dark Wanderer is now live

By John Keefer, Jan 04, 2017 10:10am PST

What Secrets does the mysterious stranger hold in his deck?


World of Warcraft now has a cow level as a Diablo tribute

By John Keefer, Jan 04, 2017 9:34am PST

The event is now live and there was much moo-ing to be heard.


"I member luring all the cows to the portal and then telling leechers waiting in town that the ..."

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Diablo 3 20th anniversary patch 2.4.3 video reveals how it all came together

By John Keefer, Jan 03, 2017 11:21am PST

The patch will include the Darkening of Tristram homage to the original game.


"Then what is the benefit of a 64bit client? I'm genuinely asking because I clearly don't know =\ "

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Diablo 3 Update 2.4.3 on PTR with original Darkening of Tristram content

By John Keefer, Nov 14, 2016 11:40am PST

Plenty of other changes, additions and fixes in testing as well.


"Of course, this is the PTR, adn things aren;t set until it makes it to the live servers in January. "

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Diablo 3 has more changes coming than just a Necromancer and D1 tribute

By John Keefer, Nov 07, 2016 11:11am PST

More loadouts, new zones, challenge rifts and even Seasons on console.


"I'm intrigued by the Challenge Rift idea. It might be fun to discover builds."

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Diablo 3's Anniversary patch adds a Diablo 1-style mode called 'The Darkening of Tristram'

By David Craddock, Nov 04, 2016 2:29pm PDT

Explore 16 levels and fight all the original bosses.


"^^^ It seems awfully silly to put in all of that time and effort for a small timed event."

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BlizzCon 2016: Diablo 3 getting a new Necromancer hero class

By John Keefer, Nov 04, 2016 12:30pm PDT

It is coming as part of a character pack next year.


"Free content 4 year after the game's release? No complaints here! (though I would prefer a ..."

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Diablo 4? Blizzard offering hints to die for

By John Keefer, Oct 17, 2016 7:03am PDT

The clues are out there.


"I don't know the requirements because I stopped playing the game around the time that stuff was ..."

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Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment storyteller and senior VP, retires

By David Craddock, Sep 13, 2016 12:35pm PDT

Metzen plans to focus 'on the one thing that matters most to me in all the world-my family.'


"Able to retire at 42 years old and he has a hell of a legacy he's left behind. I'm excited to ..."

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The Big Two-Oh: Milestone games turning 20 in 2016

By David Craddock, Jul 04, 2016 10:30am PDT

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear gaming-industry-circa-1996. Happy birthday to you!


"Hey, a lot of games came out in '96! I couldn't "catch em all." I'll see myself out. All ..."

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Unannounced Diablo project looking for a game director and more

By John Keefer, Jul 01, 2016 11:03am PDT

Blizzard's job pages are always fun to peruse.


"Path of Exile gem/skill system with Diablo 3 game play/graphics "

- okellyc see all 6 comments

Blizzard Has Released a Patch For Diablo 2 For The First Time in a Half-Decade

By Brittany Vincent, Mar 11, 2016 1:05pm PST

This shows how sad it is when companies can't even patch brand-new games.


"Be nice if they just revisit WC with a new game instead of a patch. "

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