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Star Citizen Shows Off Earth-Sized Planet You Can Explore

By Charles Singletary, Oct 31, 2017 12:05pm PDT

The planet takes advantage of tech for procedurally generated cities and shows off just how incredibly ambitious Star Citizen is.


"Amazing usage of an older tech that not a single Publishers despite having billions of $ and ..."

- Joe.Blobers see all 17 comments

Star Citizen Developer Addresses Rumors of Financial Struggles

By David Craddock, Jun 26, 2017 3:05pm PDT

Cloud Imperium Games took out a sizable loan and offered up the company as collateral, but that’s not indication of financial difficulties.    


"Could be a huge meridian 59 fan."

- deathofrats see all 156 comments
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Star Citizen Anvil Hornet introduction trailer

The Anvil Hornet blasts off from its Star Citizen Bengal Carrier and centers targeting reticules on your ship. What do you do? There's only one choice. Eject.

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