April Fools News


World of Warcraft Pimps April Fools' Day

By Chris Faylor, Apr 01, 2009 7:58am PDT

Esteemed developer Blizzard Entertainment kicked off April Fools' Day with word that World of Warcraft may soon add a new "Pimp My Mount"...


"Well obviously customizing mounts is one thing .... but the style is obviously ridiculous. But ..."

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Microsoft's April Fools' Joke: Alpine Legend

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 01, 2009 7:26am PDT

Slap my thighs and snap my suspenders, it must be April Fools' Day again as Microsoft has announced Alpine Legend, a yodeling and alphorn rhythm...


"Not funny? That was HILARIOUS!! Real props to microsoft for the 1st time!"

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Shack PSA: Oblivion 360 DLC Discounts, with a Twist

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 01, 2009 6:32am PDT

Bethesda is offering 50% off all Oblivion's Xbox 360 downloadable content to celebrate the third anniversary of its first DLC release--with one...


"I would get this if I didn't already have the game, the expansion, and all of the add-ons for ..."

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Capcom April Fools' Joke: Sheng Long in SF4

By Aaron Linde, Apr 01, 2008 4:51pm PDT

In what might be today's most recursive April Fools gag, Capcom has revealed character art for the infamous Sheng Long on its official blog,...


"I once played a prank on my friend who's obsessed with Tekken. I told him in tekken3 you could ..."

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ArenaNet April Fools' Joke: Guild Wars Stick Figures

By Aaron Linde, Apr 01, 2008 3:57pm PDT

Chiming in with the legion of April Fools gags today, developer ArenaNet swapped all level 20 player characters' avatars with stick figures in the...


"Hard to say if this was better than last year's gender-swapping prank."

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3DR April Fools' Joke: New Duke Nukem Forever Art

By Chris Faylor, Apr 01, 2008 1:58pm PDT

In a surprisingly punctual outing for Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms, the studio has delivered its April Fools' prank in the form of a new...


"Next up Duke Nukem Forever adds in-game ads and micro-transactions!"

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Konami/Ubisoft April Fools' Joke: Metal Gear Creed

By Aaron Linde, Apr 01, 2008 12:00pm PDT

This latest April Fools' Day gag comes as a collaborative effort between Konami and Ubisoft, who unveiled a video showcasing the epic crossover of...


"I agree, I loved assassin's creed (despite repetitive missions)."

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Microsoft April Fools' Jokes: Wood Paneled Xbox 360, Xbox Live The Board Game, Wireless Helmet

By Chris Faylor, Apr 01, 2008 9:02am PDT

As every company is apparently afraid of making an actual announcement today, Xbox 360 maker Microsoft has chimed in with its contributions to...


"Would you pay $499 for a twin 800x600 LCD stereoscopic headset? "

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Blizzard April Fools' Jokes: Taurens in StarCraft 2, WoW on a Console, Bard Hero Class in Lich King

By Chris Faylor, Apr 01, 2008 8:17am PDT

In celebration of April Fools' Day, esteemed developer Blizzard Entertainment has posted a number of well-intentioned pranks on its official...


""Skinning a bear should aggro every bears in a 40 yard radius." "

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Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Apr 01, 2008 6:18am PDT

With a heavy heart, I must inform everyone that today is April 1st, aka April Fools Day. So batten down hatches and take cover while someone on the...


"given what an ABC is, I'm going with "Canadian-Born Chinese"."

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Certain Affinity Making Pimps at Sea, Sorta

By Chris Faylor, Mar 04, 2008 2:49pm PST

Certain Affinity has unveiled the first details of Plunder, a pirate-themed RTS said to draw heavily from Bungie's long-running joke of a game...


LEGO Halo: The Video Game Announced, Sorta

By Nick Breckon, Mar 01, 2008 3:17pm PST

Ah, April Fools' Day--the longest running tired joke in history. Every year the power of the news is twisted to an evil purpose for one day,...


"i still remember the Sheng Long SF2 prank from before april fools pranks were cool! "

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First Post!

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 01, 2007 3:30pm PDT

Hope you guys havent had to endure too many lame April Fools joke. I do like Gmail paper though. I finally managed to see 300 today, and it rocked...


"I predict the Red Sox will win in 4 games over the Colorado Rockies."

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Teh Funnay!

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 01, 2005 6:23am PST

A round-up of today's gaming/hardware related April Fools jokes. If you find anything else post in the thread and it will get added. - Beyond...


"The real joke is the Apple Studio Display running the Windows XP screensaver"

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First Post!

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 01, 2005 3:57am PST

April Fools day, oh it has to be my favorite day of the year. Except, it really isn't. You're not Lowtax folks. Also on FileShack Carnival...