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Title Platform Genre Release Date
2002 FIFA World Cup PC, PS2, GC, XBOX, PSONE Sports Apr 22, 2002
Arc the Lad Collection PSONE RPG Apr 16, 2002
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain PSONE, PC Action Oct 31, 1996
Breath of Fire III PSONE RPG Apr 30, 1998
Breath of Fire IV PSONE RPG Nov 28, 2000
Castlevania Chronicles PSONE, PS3 Action Oct 9, 2001
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PSONE, X360 Action Oct 2, 1997
Chrono Cross PSONE RPG Aug 16, 2000
Colony Wars PSONE Simulation Nov 4, 1997
Colony Wars: Red Sun PSONE Simulation Jun 2, 2000
Colony Wars: Vengeance PSONE Simulation Nov 4, 1998
Crash Bandicoot PSONE Platform Aug 31, 1996
Dance Dance Revolution PSONE, PS3 Other Mar 21, 2001
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix PSONE Other Apr 24, 2002
Delta Force: Urban Warfare PSONE Action Jul 2, 2002
Dragon Warrior VII PSONE RPG Nov 1, 2001
Duke Nukem : Land of the Babes PSONE Action Nov 1, 2000
FIFA Soccer 2005 PS2, XBOX, GC, PC, GBA, PSONE Sports Oct 12, 2004
Final Fantasy Chronicles PSONE RPG Jun 29, 2001
Final Fantasy IX PSONE, PS3, PSP RPG Nov 14, 2000
Final Fantasy Origins PSONE RPG Apr 8, 2003
Final Fantasy Tactics PSONE RPG Dec 31, 1997
Final Fantasy VII PSONE, PC RPG May 31, 1998
Final Fantasy VIII PSONE, PC RPG Aug 31, 1999
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko PSONE Adventure Mar 16, 1999