Title Platform Genre Release Date
Puzzle Agent 2 IPHONE, IPAD, MAC, PC Puzzle Nov 30, 1999
Rabbids Big Bang ANDROID, IPHONE, IPAD, IPHONE OS Other na
Rage: Mutant Bash TV IPHONE, IPAD Action Nov 18, 2010
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing X360, PS3, PS2, WII, PSP, DS, IPAD, IPHONE, WIIU Sports Oct 1, 2010
Reload PC, WII, IPHONE Action Nov 30, 1999
Republique IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Action Adventure na
Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper IPHONE, IPAD, IPHONE OS Adventure Jan 9, 2014
Rymdkapsel LINUX, MAC, PC, IPHONE, ANDROID Strategy Aug 1, 2013
School 26 PC, IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC Simulation na
Scribblenauts Remix IPAD, IPHONE, IPHONE OS Puzzle Oct 11, 2011
Secret of Mana WII, IPHONE, IPAD Action RPG Dec 20, 2010
Smurfs' Village IPHONE, IPAD Other Nov 30, 1999
Snuggle Truck IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Action Apr 28, 2011
Sonic Dash IPHONE OS, IPAD, IPHONE Other na
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 X360, PS3, WII, IPHONE Platform Nov 30, 1999
Spirits IPHONE, IPAD Puzzle Nov 30, 1999
Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner IPHONE, IPAD Action Nov 18, 2010
Star Wars Imperial Academy IPHONE Action Dec 4, 2010
StarFront: Collision IPHONE, IPAD Strategy Nov 30, 1999
Steve Young Football IPHONE, IPAD Sports Sep 9, 2010
Street Fighter 4 PC, IPHONE Fighting Mar 9, 2010
Super Crossfire MAC, IPAD, IPHONE, PC Action Nov 30, 1999
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD, PC Action Adventure Sep 30, 2010
Supermarket Mania DS, PC, PSP, IPHONE, IPAD Other Nov 30, 1999