Title Platform Genre Release Date
Hunters 2 IPHONE, IPAD Strategy na
Hunters: Episode One IPHONE, IPAD Strategy Feb 26, 2011
Infinity Blade IPHONE, IPAD Action RPG Nov 30, 1999
Infinity Blade 2 IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Action Dec 1, 2011
Infinity Blade Dungeons IPAD Action RPG na
Infinity Blade III IPHONE, IPHONE OS, IPAD Other Sep 18, 2013
iRequiem IPHONE, IPAD Action Nov 30, 1999
Jack Lumber IPHONE OS, IPAD Other na
Kona's Crate PC, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC Puzzle na
Kula Box PC, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC Puzzle na
Law & Order: LA PC, PS3, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC Other na
Legend of Grimrock PC, IPHONE, IPAD, MAC RPG na
Loop Raccord PC, IPAD Puzzle Sep 29, 2011
MacGuffin's Curse PC, IPHONE OS, IPAD, MAC, IPHONE Puzzle Apr 19, 2012
Machine Gun Jetpack IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Other na
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 PC, PS3, X360, IPAD Strategy Jun 20, 2012
Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet ANDROID, IPAD Other na
Mahjongg Artifacts PC, PS3, PSP, IPHONE, IPAD Puzzle Nov 30, 1999
Marvel Pinball X360, PS3, PC, IPHONE, IPAD, 3DS, PSVITA, WIIU, ANDROID Other na
MaXplosion IPHONE, IPAD Other Jan 6, 2011
MechWarrior: Tactical Command IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Other na
Medieval Mayor PC, ANDROID, IPAD Strategy na
Minecraft - Pocket Edition X360, IPHONE, IPAD, ANDROID Other na
Moebius: Empire Rising PC, LINUX, IPAD, MAC, ANDROID Adventure Apr 15, 2014
Mushroom Age IPHONE, IPAD Puzzle Jul 27, 2010