Title Platform Genre Release Date
X PSP MOVIE Other na
X Rebirth PC Simulation Nov 15, 2013
X SuperBox PC Strategy Nov 30, 1999
X-Blades PC, X360, PS3 Action Feb 10, 2009
X-Com: Apocalypse WII, PC Strategy Jun 30, 1997
X-Com: Email Games PC Strategy Jan 1, 1999
X-Com: Enforcer PC Action Apr 19, 2001
X-Com: Terror from the Deep PC Strategy Feb 28, 1995
X-Com: UFO Defense PC Strategy Dec 31, 1993
X-Men PSP MOVIE Other na
X-Men Arcade X360, PS3 Action Dec 15, 2010
X-Men Legends PS2, XBOX, GC RPG Sep 21, 2004
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse PC RPG Sep 20, 2005
X-Men Next Dimension GC, XBOX, PS2 Fighting Oct 18, 2002
X-Men Origins: Wolverine X360, PS3 Action May 1, 2009
X-Men: Battle of the Atom ANDROID, IPHONE OS Strategy na
X-Men: Destiny X360, PS3 Action Sep 27, 2011
X-Men: The Official Game PS2, XBOX, GC, X360, PC, DS, GBA Action May 16, 2006
X-Scape DS Action May 31, 2010
X-wing Alliance PC Simulation Feb 28, 1999
X2: The Threat PC Simulation Dec 3, 2003