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Title Platform Genre Release Date
M&M's Beach Party WII Other Mar 11, 2009
M.A.C.H. Modified Air Combat Heroes PSP Action Adventure Feb 21, 2007
M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration PC Other na
M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault PC Other na
M.U.D. TV PC Simulation Apr 19, 2010
Mabinogi PC RPG Jan 31, 2008
Maboshi’s Arcade WII Other Dec 29, 2008
Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter PS2, XBOX Action Jun 20, 2003
MacGuffin's Curse PC, IPHONE OS, IPAD, MAC, IPHONE Puzzle Apr 19, 2012
Machinarium PC, PS3, MAC, LINUX, PSVITA Adventure Oct 6, 2009
Machine Gun Jetpack IPHONE OS, IPHONE, IPAD Action na
Mactabilis PC Action Dec 30, 2010
Mad Caps PC Other na
Mad Dash Racing XBOX Action Nov 15, 2001
Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold PLAY STATION NETWORK Other Apr 16, 2013
Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack WII Action Jun 16, 2009
Mad Maestro! PS2 Other Mar 12, 2002
Mad Max PSP MOVIE, X360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PC, PS4 Other na
Mad Riders PC, PS3, X360 Racing May 30, 2012
Madagascar GBA, DS, GC, PS2, XBOX Action Adventure May 23, 2005
Madagascar 3 PS3 Action Adventure Jun 5, 2012
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa PC, X360, PS3, PS2, WII, DS Action Nov 4, 2008
Madagascar Kartz X360, PS3, WII, DS Action Oct 27, 2009
Madagascar: Operation Penguin GBA Action Adventure Oct 14, 2005
Madballs in Babo:Invasion X360, PC Action Jul 15, 2009