Title Platform Genre Release Date
Jagged Alliance: Flashback MAC, PC, LINUX Strategy na
Jak 3 PS2 Action Nov 9, 2004
Jak and Daxter PS2 Platform Dec 5, 2001
Jak and Daxter Collection PS3, PSVITA Platform Feb 7, 2012
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier PS2, PSP Action Adventure Nov 3, 2009
Jak II PS2 Action Oct 14, 2003
Jak X: Combat Racing PS2 Racing Oct 18, 2005
Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past DS Adventure May 26, 2009
Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles DS Adventure Jun 10, 2008
Jake Power: Fireman DS Action Feb 17, 2009
Jake Power: Handyman DS Other Mar 17, 2009
Jake Power: Policeman DS Action Feb 17, 2009
Jake the Snake Roberts: Pick Your Poison PSP MOVIE Other na
Jam City Rollergirls WII Sports Nov 30, 1999
Jam Live Music Arcade PS3, X360, XBLA, PSN Other Dec 31, 2012
Jam Sessions 2 DS Puzzle Oct 20, 2009
Jambo! Safari Animal Rescue WII, DS Action Nov 17, 2009
James Bond 007 X360, PS3 Action Nov 30, 1999
James Bond 007: Agent under Fire PS2, GC, XBOX Action Mar 12, 2002
James Bond 007: Blood Stone PC, X360, PS3, DS Action Adventure Nov 2, 2010
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing XBOX, GC, GBA, PS2 Action Feb 17, 2004
James Bond Racing PC, X360, PS3 Action Nov 30, 1999
James Bond: Blood Stone X360, DS, PS3 Action Adventure Nov 1, 2010
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes 3DS Puzzle Aug 30, 2011
James Patterson Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey PC Adventure Mar 24, 2009