Uplink: Hacker Elite

PC, IPAD, ANDROID / Strategy / Release: Oct 1, 2001 / ESRB: E

Humble Bundle for Android (and PC, Mac, and Linux) launches

By Steve Watts, Aug 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT

Humble Bundle has launched an Android-focused pack, offering five games on the cheap for your Android devices. If you don't own an Android device, don't worry; you can also play on Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Uplink hacking into iPad and Android

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 08, 2012 7:00am PDT

Introversion's delightful computer hacking sim Uplink is coming to those most cyberpunk of platforms, tablets. An iPad version was released yesterday, while an Android edition is "coming soon." Get your cyberglove on, decker.


The Humble Introversion Bundle launches

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 22, 2011 3:00pm PST

The Humble Bundle is back once again, with four top games from English indie Introversion: Darwinia, Multiwinia, Uplink, and Defcon, plus two nifty tech demos. If you pay more than the average price, you also get Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe.