Toy Soldiers

XB360, PC / Action / Release: Mar 3, 2010 / ESRB: T

Toy Soldiers now available without Games for Windows Live

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 11, 2012 8:15am PDT

Games for Windows Live seems, thankfully, to be on its last legs. Most games with Microsoft's system nowadays are straightforward ports from Xbox 360, using GFWL to directly replace identical Xbox Live functionality. One such port, Signal Studios' tower defense Toy Soldiers,...


Toy Soldiers invades PC

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 30, 2012 7:30am PDT

Toy Soldiers was a pleasant surprise when it hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, a tip-top tower defense masquerading as a tabletop wargame in a young chap's bedroom. Last Friday it made the the jump onto PC, coming complete with its two DLC packs for $10.


Toy Soldiers 'Invasion' DLC Landing Next Week

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 21, 2010 6:35am PDT

Signal Studios has announced that the 'Invasion' downloadable content for its WW2 board game-themed XBLA tower defense Toy Soldiers will launch on...


"Those screens are beautiful. These are a testament to how powerfull current hardware is in the ..."

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Toy Soldiers 'Invasion' DLC Revealed, Adds Spacemen and Giant Robots

By Xav de Matos, Aug 24, 2010 1:00pm PDT

Developer Signal Studios continues to add content to its popular XBLA title Toy Soldiers, revealing new upcoming DLC on its official site, earlier...


"i had no idea robots were in WWI... This sounds stupid, i liked the original but this sounds ..."

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Xbox Live: Blacklight XBLA Release "Coming Soon", New Toy Soldiers and Worms 2 DLC Inbound

By Xav de Matos, Jun 29, 2010 2:59pm PDT

Although Major Nelson has listed the online-only shooter Blacklight: Tango Down for a July 7 release on the Xbox Live Arcade, an Ignition...


"Someone tell MS that I'd gladly fill my hdd up with games on demand if you took them all down at ..."

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March's Xbox Live Arcade Games Dated: Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal, Toy Soldiers and Game Room

By Chris Faylor, Feb 22, 2010 9:26am PST

Following up on the recent revelation of the month-long "Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party" promotion, Microsoft has unveiled when the four Xbox 360...


"The Toy Soldiers page's only video links to 0 day attack on earth."

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Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party Coming in March, Bringing Game Room, Scrap Metal and More

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 11, 2010 3:30pm PST

An 'Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party' event in March will see the launch of the 'Game Room' virtual arcade as well as releases of several top XBLA...


"For a second there I was hoping they'd refined the Party system. Intermittent dropping and 8 ..."

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Five New Xbox Live Arcade Games Announced: Bomberman, RayStorm, Toy Soldiers and More

By Chris Faylor, Sep 24, 2009 10:15am PDT

To signal the advent of Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft unveiled five previously unknown downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games coming someday to the Xbox 360. Toy Soldiers - Signal Studios Snoopy Flying Ace - Smart Bomb


"Toy Soldiers should make other devs feel bad about their quality. The game looks fantastic and ..."

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