The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

PC, XB360, PS3 / RPG / Release: Nov 11, 2011 / ESRB: M

Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC coming to PC, PS3 'early next year'

By John Keefer, Dec 03, 2012 8:15am PST

The Dragonborn DLC for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is out this week on Xbox 360. PC and PlayStation 3 players are used to waiting for their versions because of the exclusivity deal for the Microsoft console, but at least now Bethesda is narrowing the release window.


Skyrim DLC still in the works for PS3

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 28, 2012 7:30am PST

Poor PlayStation 3-packing Dragonborn. Though the third piece of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC is approaching next week, technical problems have kept all add-ons off PS3 so far. Sony and Bethesda have joined forces to solve the issues and while we still have no solid word ...


Skyrim's Dragonborn has you hunt the very first one

By Steve Watts, Nov 15, 2012 8:00am PST

Bethesda has shared new screenshots and details about the story and new powers available in the upcoming "Dragonborn" DLC for Skyrim.


Bethesda promises new Skyrim content for PC, PS3

By Steve Watts, Nov 08, 2012 8:15am PST

Bethesda has promised that it is "close" on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC, possibly implying that the PS3 might finally get its Dawnguard expansion, and that the upcoming Dragonborn pack could hit PC close to its 360 date.


Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC trailer shows riding dragons

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 05, 2012 7:40am PST

A naughty Dragonborn is on the loose in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, slaying dragons and sucking up their souls to amass power, and it's not you. Bethesda today released the first trailer for open-world RPG's 'Dragonborn' DLC, teasing new areas, enemies, and, yes, riding dra...


Skyrim 'Premium Edition' outed for Europe

By Steve Watts, Oct 29, 2012 4:15pm PDT

Amazon Germany has listed a "Premium Edition" of Skyrim for release later this year, which includes a t-shirt, map, novel, and more. Bethesda says this edition of the game is only for certain European territories.


Rumor: Skyrim's next DLC is 'Dragonborn'

By Steve Watts, Oct 16, 2012 9:35am PDT

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's next DLC may be titled "Dragonborn," according to notes hidden in a beta patch. Potential new features include mounted spell-casting, dragon mounting, new armor types, and a new location.


Skyrim mod apes Super Mario Bros

By Steve Watts, Oct 05, 2012 1:30pm PDT

A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes you to the Mushroom Kingdom, complete with Goombas, a princess, and more.


Shack PSA: Skyrim's Hearthfire now on PC

By Steve Watts, Oct 04, 2012 2:00pm PDT

Skyrim's "Hearthfire" DLC, which lets you build houses and adopt children, has just been released on PC via Steam.


Morrowind Overhaul mod v3.0 released

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 01, 2012 3:00pm PDT

If you hanker to return to the land of Morrowind but insist that it look all sorts of pretty and have no patience to wait for the Skyrim mod hoping to recreate it, why, then you're in luck. The latest and prettiest version of the Morrowind Overhaul compilation mod was releas...


Modders recreating Morrowind in Skyrim engine

By Steve Watts, Sep 20, 2012 12:00pm PDT

A group of modders have released the first screenshots of their efforts to recreate The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in the Skyrim engine.


Sony, Bethesda trying to get PS3 Dawnguard DLC working

By John Keefer, Sep 10, 2012 9:30am PDT

Bethesda is getting some extra help from Sony on the long-awaited Dawnguard DLC for PlayStation 3.


Shack PSA: Skyrim's Hearthfire now available on 360

By Steve Watts, Sep 04, 2012 10:00am PDT

Skyrim's "Hearthfire" DLC is now available on Xbox 360, but no PC or PS3 plans have been detailed.


Dawnguard's PS3 problems may not be solvable, Bethesda says

By John Keefer, Aug 31, 2012 7:30am PDT

PS3 players were not happy when it was announced that Xbox 360 would get the Hearthfire DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim before they got their version of Dawnguard. Now Bethesda has admitted that the problems it is having with the PS3 version of the vampire lord DLC may n...


Morning Caffeinated! -- Spec Ops 'cancer,' Dawnguard flap, and Zynga'd

By John Keefer, Aug 30, 2012 5:30am PDT

Ramblings and musings of occasional significance to the Shacknews audience. This is the morning edition for August 30, 2012. Topics include: Spec Ops has inoperable 'cancer'; PS3 users are mad about Hearthfire; more desertions hit Zynga. Wake up, scrubs, it's the Morning Caf...