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Star Trek: Elite Force II

PC / Action / Release: Jun 25, 2003 / ESRB: T

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 co-op mod completed after 6 years

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 03, 2012 9:00am PST

Few people as devoted to games as modders, who toil away on labours of love long after Joe Player has forgotten the game even existed. Take Star Trek: Elite Force 2. You may have heard of Ritual's boldly-going FPS, and perhaps played and enjoyed it, but mod team HaZardModdin...


Elite Force 2 Post Mortem

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 11, 2006 9:11am PDT

As part of their 10 Years of Ritual Entertainment coverage, Ritualistic has posted an Star Trek Elite Force II post mortem. Level designer Richard...


"EF2 is one of my Top 5 FPSs of all time. I still remember the Ferengi arguing over the shipment ..."

- quanta88 see all 5 comments

Elite Force 2 Source Code

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 05, 2003 4:23pm PST

Ritual Entertainment has finally release the Elite Force 2 game source code, allowing people to create their own single- and multiplayer mods for...


Elite Force 2 Dedicated Server

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 27, 2003 6:59pm PST

Ritual Entertainment has released the Linux dedicated server binaries for Elite Force 2, allowing server administrators to run a server for the...


Elite Force 2 1.1 Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 09, 2003 11:17am PDT

A new patch for Elite Force 2 has been released, updating the Star Trek shooter to version 1.1. The patch fixes several bugs, and adds four new...


Elite Force 2 Patch Testing

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 07, 2003 10:02am PDT

Fan site Ritualistic is taking signups from people who want to test the upcoming 1.10 patch for Elite Force 2. Currently in beta, the patch fixes...


Elite Force 2 GDK

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 18, 2003 12:54pm PDT

It took a while, but Ritual Entertainment has finally released the Elite Force 2 GDK. It includes the UberRadiant level editor, 3D Studio MAX...


Elite Force 2 Beta Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 26, 2003 8:01am PDT

Activision has released a beta server update for the recently released Star Trek: Elite Force 2. The unsupported update removes the requirement of...


New Elite Force 2 Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 25, 2003 1:31pm PDT

Activision has released a new Elite Force 2 movie, showing off the "babes" of the game in this minute long MPG clip. Thanks Gamers Hell.


"Girl from Star Trek 4: Lemme guess, in the future you don't use money? Kirk: We don't! ..."

- Dynotaku see all 13 comments

Elite Force 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 20, 2003 12:16pm PDT

Just in time before the game's release, Gamers Depot has posted a new Elite Force 2 Q&A. Activision's Dan Hagerty answers questions about new and...


"Dude...I didn't have the heart to go myself. We will have to go when you get back from prison."

- dhagerty see all 10 comments

Elite Force 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 17, 2003 6:54am PDT

Doupe.cz has posted their Star Trek Elite Force 2 Q&A, getting a few more questions answered before the game shows up in stores. Topics include the...


"The entire Elite Force 2 team was fired right after the game went gold."

- Cpt. Baseballbat see all 11 comments

Elite Force 2 GONE GOLD

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 11, 2003 8:20am PDT

Activision UK has just announced that Ritual Entertainment's Star Trek: Elite Force 2 has gone gold. The game will be shipping to stores soon...


"Just finished playing the SP demo again; other than the weapons feeling too weak against the ..."

- the archvile see all 91 comments

Elite Force 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 06, 2003 6:31pm PDT

There's a Q&A with Ritual's Jon Galloway on Voodoo Extreme, asking the Creative Director about the upcoming Star Trek: Elite Force 2.


"One thing to fix in the game: either let the player fire while leaning, or make it so the ..."

- the archvile see all 3 comments

Elite Force 2 Preview

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 06, 2003 6:16am PDT

GameSpy is the latest site to feature an Elite Force 2 preview, offering their impressions of Ritual's Star Trek shooter sequel. The game is pretty...


Elite Force 2 Movies

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 05, 2003 4:05pm PDT

Activision has released two new movies from Elite Force 2, showing the game's prerendered intro movie as well as some multiplayer action. You can...


"Sure, I'd watch these, and it might lead me to buy the game. But I don't have 15 minutes to ..."

- ornee see all 13 comments