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PC, XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Sep 4, 2009 / ESRB: T


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Section 8 developer files for bankruptcy protection

Section 8 developer files for bankruptcy protection

TimeGate Studios, the developer behind Section 8 and co-developer of Aliens: Colonial Marines, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The petition, filed in the Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court yesterday, lists less than 50 creditors owed money from TimeGate.

Read more: Legal struggles with SouthPeak ┬╗

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Section 8 developer loses appeal and IP, must pay $7.35 million

Section 8 developer loses appeal and  IP, must pay $7.35 million

Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios thought it was off the hook for a $7.35 million arbitration ruling when it won its appeal last year over a dispute with Southpeak Interactive surrounding the game. Unfortunately for TimeGate, that ruling has been overturned.

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TimeGate wins Section 8 dispute

TimeGate wins Section 8 dispute

Thanks to the ruling of a Texas district court judge, Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios won't be forced to pay millions in allegedly misused development funds to publisher SouthPeak, nor will SouthPeak retain a permanent license for the Section 8 IP and its sequels. The dispute originated way back in 2009, when Timegate sued SouthPeak for allegedly embezzling royalties by altering revenue reports. At the time, SouthPeak counter-sued, claiming that $7.5M in funding had been "misused" by the developer, in addition to $2.5M in development costs TimeGate failed to provide.

Read more: TimeGate retains permanent license┬╗

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2009 FPS Section 8 Hits PS3 Today as Download

Released in September 2009 for the PC and Xbox 360, right around Halo 3: ODST, Section 8 mostly flew under the radar. PlayStation 3 owners will get the chance to check out Section 8 later today, which will be released as a digital download on the PlayStation Network for $29.99.

It's a team and objective-based FPS that gave me flashbacks to Tribes. It wasn't as good as Tribes, but it's the thought that counts. Read more »

"Well that's good since the devs only played the console version anyhow. PC version was broken, ..."
- TheSty    See all 13 comments

Section 8 'Seek and Destroy' DLC Map Pack Blasts Off

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, screenshots, PC

Section 8 developer TimeGate has released three new downloadable content maps for the jetpacking sci-fi shooter on PC and Xbox 360 in the 'Seek and Destroy Map Pack.'

560 Microsoft Points ($7) buys players a "fight for control of a geothermal energy plant on the salt flats of New Madrid" in Devil's Backbone, a battle "in the narrow confines of a hazardous valley on the planet Titan" in Hornet's Nest, and both internal and external combat to control the hydroelectric dam of Azure Basin. Read more »

"Games. Are. Getting. Worse. I just wanna cry because i realize games are progressively ..."
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Section 8 Demo Arrives on Xbox 360

Marking the fifth demo to arrive in the Xbox Live Marketplace this week, a 839MB sample of TimeGate's sci-fi FPS Section 8 is now available for Xbox Live Gold members.

The full game is expected to hit retailers in PC and Xbox 360 form come September 1. Should the demo stick with the traditional one week of Xbox Live Gold exclusivity, those with free Xbox Live Silver accounts will be able to download it next Fiday, August 28.

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"eh, seems alright but not something close to worth $60 on the 360. should be like a $15-20 XBLA ..."
- thebigbeefsandwich    See all 11 comments

Section 8 Trailer: Making It Up As It Goes Along

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, PC

A new trailer for TimeGate Studios' shooter Section 8 introduces its concept of 'dynamic combat missions,' objectives and scenarios created on the fly in multiplayer.

You'll also get to ogle varied turrets and vehicles available for deployment when Section 8 arrives September 1 on PC and Xbox 360--with the PC able to host Xbox servers. Read more »

"and there's only two vehicles, a walker and a tank. I wasn't especially impressed by the beta, ..."
- duffman03    See all 20 comments

Section 8 to Support PC Hosting of Xbox 360 Servers

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, PC

TimeGate Studios today announced that its upcoming shooter Section 8 will allow players to host Xbox 360 servers on PCs.

The servers will support up to 32 Xbox players at once, resulting in one of the larger Xbox 360 multiplayer shooters. Without a dedicated server, Section 8 only supports 16 players on the console.

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"This still means that Xbox players need a gold account to play on these PC dedicated servers right?"
- GPUX    See all 58 comments

Section 8 Trailer Tells the Story of 'Section 8'

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, PC

"You don't get into Section 8 easily," says TimeGate Studios creative director Phillip Morales. "It's a very rigorous selection process. Nobody is just picked to go into the powered armour suits."

Something tells me this premise might momentarily fall apart in the tutorial, as the new, rigorously selected players struggle to shoot a frog. But eventually players will "rise in the ranks," uncover the "true motivation" for the war, and probably teabag some mechs in multiplayer. You know how those professional Section 8 guys operate. Read more »

"I had an ex-girlfriend who qualified for Section 8. It was hardly a "very rigorous selection ..."
- katchow    See all 30 comments

Section 8 Trailer: Power Armour Jetpack Joy

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, PC

A new trailer for TimeGate's shooter Section 8 shows power armour floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, and calling in vehicle airdrops like elite futuristic infantry.

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"This shows you how much people who dont play Tribes understand the game. This is nothing like ..."
- poopster2    See all 41 comments

Section 8 Screenshots: Ah, Power Armor

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, screenshots, PC

TimeGate's shooter based around a squad of futuristic dropship soldiers has always been intriguing from a conceptual standpoint, and these new screenshots featuring beefy mechanized armor do little to change that.

The game--set to feature a standard campaign and a large-scale multiplayer component--is scheduled for release this August on PC and Xbox 360.

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"Seeing games like this makes me wish they would make a Rifts game, maybe even an MMO but that ..."
- Zerbyte    See all 12 comments

TimeGate, Paramount Settle 'Section 8' Lawsuit

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Legal, PC, lawsuit

Developer TimeGate today confirmed with Shacknews that it has settled the lawsuit against Paramount Digital Entertainment and Paramount Pictures over "Section 8."

Filed in early April, the lawsuit saw TimeGate allege that Paramount infringed on its "Section 8" trademark with an "interactive web series," announced just days after Paramount cancelled a meeting to see TimeGate's unrelated Section 8 video game. Read more »

"It was my understanding that you could use the same name for a product as long as the two ..."
- spyrext    Add a comment

TimeGate Sues Paramount over 'Section 8' Trademark

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, PC

Kohan developer TimeGate has filed suit against Paramount Digital Entertainment and Paramount Pictures over the title of its upcoming game "Section 8," according to a Team Xbox report.

TimeGate apparently alleges in the lawsuit that Paramount illegally used the title of "Section 8" for an "interactive web series." TimeGate also points out that Paramount announced the web series just three days after cancelling a meeting to play TimeGate's Section 8. Read more »

"I liked this game concept the first time I played/heard about it, back when it was called ..."
- D-OveRMinD    See all 15 comments

New Section 8 Trailer, Screenshots

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, screenshots, PC

A new trailer and some new screenshots of TimeGate's drop-soldier-starring first person shooter Section 8 have arrived, providing a glimpse at the PC version.

Now published by SouthPeak, which acquired former publisher Gamecock, Section 8 is due later this year on PC and Xbox 360. Read more »

"Well I like the concept, the wikipedia entry sounds interesting at least. I don't really like ..."
- Mystery0000    See all 22 comments

TimeGate Reveals Section 8 Teaser Trailer

Related Topics – Section 8, xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3, PC

TimeGate Studios has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter Section 8, currently slated for a 2009 release.

The game has been in development for quite some time, dating back as far as TimeGate's early 2005 announcement that it planned to license Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for use in an upcoming title. Section 8 is set for release on the PC and "next-generation consoles", which likely means the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Read more »

"I don't know about the game but I'd buy a used car from these guys."
- I Will Destroy You    See all 32 comments

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