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Carmack on Q1 Cheating

By Steve Gibson, Dec 26, 1999 12:15pm PST

Yawn, nice late sleep in on a Sunday morning after Christmas. Well John Carmack has a .plan update addressing all the concerns about people...


"I have to show this off after I revised it countless times on two different threads. ..."

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Carmack On Q1 Code Release

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 22, 1999 3:33am PST

John Carmack made two posts to /. on of course the Quake1 source code which was just released. This post talks about the confusement on whether...


"#63, yes perhaps i have exhagerated (no idea how to spell that) your statements...reading back ..."

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Quake Source Released

By Steve Gibson, Dec 21, 1999 9:41pm PST

Damn, I go out to finally buy a Christmas tree and they go and release the Quake source code. Here are a few download locations: id Software ,...


"So when is q2 source out? I want frame interpolation and colored lighting in q1 damnit!"

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Weekend Lookback

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 19, 1999 4:55am PST

Because I have this feeling today is gonna be even worse than yesterday, here's a CNN article from June 96, talking about the original Quake...


"Hell Ya,Im tired of getting flamed because I got a 30 ping on some servers Wish everybody had ..."

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Graeme on Q3 Keys

By Steve Gibson, Dec 06, 1999 4:41pm PST

Graeme made some more updates to his .plan so I'm carrying this story up to the top of the page again.As I mentioned earlier this morning people...


"The key scheme will be cracked, just watch - there are heaps of very smart coders working on it ..."

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Quake Redone Quicker

By Steve Gibson, Nov 19, 1999 3:26am PST

Remember those awesome Quake Done Quick demos that everyone was just amazed with? Well check out Quake Redone Quicker! You'll be blown away, it's...


"Me delete Q1? What are you on crack? Those early mornings are making you delusional Oh and ..."

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Quake Doom Conversion

By Steve Gibson, Sep 30, 1999 9:57am PDT

Hey check it out, a Doom conversion for Quake. This release of the mod is targetted at deathmatch, but plans for single player stuff are still...


"Where is that file of Quake Doom conversion located? I just find boring parent dir."

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Quake Claims 500

By Marcus Yam, Aug 19, 1999 12:29am PDT

Merc pointed me to The Onion for a reference on a "Quake" claiming 500...hours. Anyone else find it interesting that the word...


"#29 yeah there are still plenty of servers up... sscentral.gigaparts.com sscentral.ds98.com ..."

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Strange Quake Mods

By Steve Gibson, Aug 15, 1999 9:56am PDT

Wacky mod of the day award goes to FishEye Quake which will pretty much disorient you but looks pretty cool. Then of course if that isnt enough for...


"#4... you are misunderstanding the meaning of \"source release\" What was officially ..."

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Quake + Direct3D?

By Steve Gibson, Aug 10, 1999 1:10am PDT

Cool toy of the day for you guys to play with today is the Quake Direct3D viewer. It is intended for use with Quake1 and wont work with 2 or 3....