Pokemon Y

3DS / RPG / Release: Oct 12, 2013 / ESRB: E

Pokemon National Championships will stream online next month

By Robert Workman, Jun 06, 2014 2:30pm PDT

The Pokemon tournaments will be televised. Meowth, that's right!


Pokemon X & Y to debut Fancy Pattern Vivillon after 100 million trades

By Ozzie Mejia, May 24, 2014 5:00pm PDT

Pokémon trading is serious business and business is booming, friends. In fact, the trading numbers for Pokémon X & Y are downright staggering, with over 90 million Pokemon having been traded worldwide through the Global Trading System (GTS). So Nintendo is preparing a rewa...


Pokemon Happy Meals coming to McDonald's

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 28, 2014 12:00pm PDT

Pokemon are invading McDonald's Happy Meals soon.


PSA: Free Pokmeon X/Y promotion ends today

By Steve Watts, Mar 31, 2014 12:00pm PDT

A promotion offering a free digital copy of Pokemon X and Y with the purchase of a 3DS and selected game is closing after today.


Nintendo Network undergoing extended maintenance for eShops and Pokemon X/Y

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 10, 2014 12:30pm PDT

Nintendo's servers will be undergoing a fresh bout of extended maintenance later this week, leading to some brief downtime for the Wii U and 3DS eShops. A separate piece of maintenance will also affect Pokemon X & Y later today, meaning you won't be able to utilize the game'...


Nintendo offering free Pokemon X/Y with 3DS and game purchase

By Steve Watts, Feb 25, 2014 6:30am PST

Nintendo is offering a promotion during the month of March that will give a free download code for Pokemon X or Y with the purchase of a 3DS and one of six games.


Nintendo teases special Pokemon 'Diancie'

By Steve Watts, Feb 14, 2014 10:45am PST

Nintendo has begun teasing a legendary Pokemon called Diancie, seemingly confirming a hacker leak from November that outed to other Pokemon as well.


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter launch on 3DS

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 05, 2014 11:30am PST

After a long delay, the Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter apps have launched on 3DS, giving trainers a chance to store up to 3,000 Pokemon from across the last two generations of games. Also, free Celebi!


Best of 2013: #8 - Pokemon X & Y

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 17, 2014 1:30pm PST

Pokemon X & Y is #8 in our Best of 2013.


Pokemon Bank delayed by Nintendo Network downtime

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 30, 2013 6:00am PST

The flood of people turning on their shiny new Wii Us and 3DSs at Christmas made Nintendo's online network struggle, and the company ultimately took it down for a spot of maintenance. Unfortunately, this hiccup has also delayed the launch of the Pokémon Bank and Poké Trans...


Pokemon Bank giving away free Celebi

By Steve Watts, Dec 18, 2013 10:30am PST

Using the Pokemon Bank before September 30, 2014 will net you a free Celebi Pokemon, Nintendo announced today.


Pokemon Bank video shows off Poke Transporter in action

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 13, 2013 9:15am PST

Nintendo released a new video showing off how the upcoming service works, and it's a great way to see some older Legendary Pokemon appear in X&Y's new 3D engine.


Nintendo 2DS Pokemon bundles coming December 6

By Steve Watts, Dec 04, 2013 6:30am PST

Nintendo is packaging retailer-exclusive 2DS bundles with pre-loaded copies of Pokemon X and Y. They'll be available at Target and Toys R Us starting this Friday.


Pokemon X & Y hacker discovers unobtainable new creatures

By Steve Watts, Nov 01, 2013 10:35am PDT

A Pokemon X & Y hacker seems to have uncovered three as-yet undiscovered Pokemon likely to be given out as event creatures.


Weekend Confirmed 188 - Pokemon X & Y, Path of Exile, Diablo 3

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 25, 2013 11:00am PDT

With the next-gen consoles rapidly approaching, this week's edition of Weekend Confirmed begins with hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata discussing the rumored differences in resolution between the Xbox One and the PS4 and how it could potentially affect the two consoles in t...