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Machinarium journeys onto iPhone with new features

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Machinarium journeys onto iPhone with new features

Amanita Design's beloved adventure Machinarium has finally made the trek to iPhone. Best of all, the game is now a Universal App, meaning if you've already picked up the game for iPad, you'll be able to download the game at no additional cost.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Saints Row 3 join PlayStation Plus in June

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Saints Row 3 join PlayStation Plus in June

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection adds quite a number of high-profile games this month. Headlining the new additions is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which will be available for members in tomorrow's PlayStation Store update.

Other noteworthy additions to Plus this month include IGF-winning adventure game Machinarium. You can also prepare for the superpowered-hijinx of Saints Row 4 with Saints Row: The Third.

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Machinarium marches onto Vita on March 26th

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Machinarium marches onto Vita on March 26th

Sony's Vita has become something of the indie console of choice lately. It continues to make good on that reputation with the addition of critically-acclaimed adventure game Machinarium to its library.

The Vita version will be available on March 26th for $6.99. And it improves upon the "ultimate version" released on PS3. Not only does it include the features added in the PS3 game, such as zoom, magnetic hotspots, and trophies, it adds a number of Vita-specific features as well.

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PlayStation Store '13 for 13' sale starts tomorrow

PlayStation Store '13 for 13' sale starts tomorrow

Sony is kicking off a new year's sale tomorrow on the PlayStation Store, making for some deep discounts for all users and even deeper ones for PlayStation Plus members. The standard discount on the titles is 50% off, but Plus members can take advantage of 75% off, which makes some of the games just two to four bucks apiece.

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Machinarium moves to PS3 next week

Machinarium moves to PS3 next week

Amanita Design's award-winning adventure game is finally making its way to PS3. Originally release on PC in 2009, Machinarium will be available to download next week on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Described as the "ultimate version" of the game, the PS3 version of the game includes a zoom feature, PlayStation Move support, and sticky hotspots when using a DualShock controller.

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Machinarium listed for Vita by ESRB

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Machinarium listed for Vita by ESRB

Amanita Design's charming robo-adventure game Machinarium is making its way to Vita as well as PlayStation 3, according to a recent ESRB listing. And why would those lovely men and women lie? Why? Why would they do that?

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Humble Botanicula bundle launches

Humble Botanicula bundle launches

A new Humble Bundle has launched, celebrating the games of Amanita Design -- including the newcomer, Botanicula. The nature-themed adventure title is the standout of the set, but it includes five games in all for paying above the minimum. Plus, true to the game's message, you can contribute to a conservation charity.

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Amanita announces Samorost 3, Botanicula, PS3 edition of Machinarium

Amanita announces Samorost 3, Botanicula, PS3 edition of Machinarium

Fabulous indie developer Amanita Design has unveiled a full slate of projects at a GameCityNights event in England, including several new games and a PlayStation 3 edition of top adventure game Machinarium.

New adventure game Botanicula is expected around the end of the year, PC Gamer reports. The site describes it as "a point-and-click adventure about five tree critters on a quest to save their home’s last seed from a pack of evil parasites." Splendid! Read more »

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Award-Winning Adventure Game 'Machinarium' Clanking Onto WiiWare

Indie developer Amanita Design's delightful adventure game Machinarium is heading for a downloadable release on Wii, ported with Defend Your Castle dev XGen Studios.

The puzzling adventure game was originally released for PC and Mac in October 2009, winning the award for 'Excellence in Visual Art' at the 2009 Independent Games Festival. Read more »

"Nice to see this still making the rounds, it was a great little game while traveling with the ..."
- spazzium    See all 4 comments

Microsoft Reveals Fan-Voted XBLA Awards for 2009

Microsoft has revealed the winners of the third-annual Xbox Live Arcade Awards, which are determined by Xbox Live community votes. Best Overall Arcade Game went to Trials HD.

The rest of the winners are: Read more »

"Well done Trials HD! Well deserved! best 1600msp ive ever spent (inc dlc pack)"
- purekillforce    See all 10 comments

Machinarium Demo Released

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Available now over on FileShack is a 35MB demo for Machinarium, offering a peek at the robotic charms of Samorost developer Amanita Design's puzzle-adventure game.

The Indie Games Festival award-winning title is due a downloadable release this month, with digital retailers listing a date of October 16. Machinarium can be pre-ordered from Amanita itself, Impulse or GamersGate for $20, and discounted to $15 at Direct2Drive. A Steam release is also planned. Thanks DrWaffles for the tip.

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"love the artistic style of this game, really enjoyed the demo, and i enjoyed the humor in the ..."
- techx4    See all 24 comments

Robotic Adventure 'Machinarium' Coming in October

Amanita Design, developer of the delightful browser-based puzzle game Samorost, has announced that its latest project Machinarium will arrive October 16 for PC and Mac.

The charming puzzle-adventure game will hit digital download platforms including Steam, Direct2Drive and Gamersgate for $20, though you can pre-order direct from Amanita for $17 and immediately receive an advance portion of game's soundtrack. Read more »

"very cute and Heath Robinson will be a happy man, if he was alive."
- motlhawkeye    See all 16 comments

Shadow Complex Sets XBLA Sales Record

Microsoft today dubbed Chair Entertainment's action-adventure game Shadow Complex "the most downloaded single-player title in Xbox Live Arcade history," as the Metroid-inspired game sold over 200,000 copies in the week after its August 19 release.

Priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), the downloadable Xbox 360 game has drawn high praise from a variety of outlets, including Shacknews. Much like Metroid and Castlevania, the side-scroller has players exploring a large map and finding new gadgets along the way, which then allow one to open up new areas and backtrack to uncover bonuses. Read more »

"My mini review: It's awesome. Absolutely worth 15 dollars. The only complaint I have is that the ..."
- S1ing B1ade    See all 43 comments

Buy This Game: Shadow Complex

The release of a launch trailer for Chair's Xbox Live Arcade game Shadow Complex is a convenient time to echo the seemingly unanimous sentiment that Shadow Complex is a great game.

Comparisons to Castlevania, and in particular Super Metroid, are spot on. It's a real crate and grate sidescroller, with plenty of optional exploration, backtracking, and stealth. Most importantly, Chair's nailed all the basics--shooting enemies in the 2.5D environments is immediately satisfying. Read more »

"Why would anyone want to play this on the PC? It's meant to be played on a console exactly like ..."
- Mad Brahmin Disease    See all 78 comments

Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games Priced: 'Splosion Man, TMNT, Shadow Complex, More (Updated)

Update: The below list has been tweaked to reflect a "last minute schedule change" that sees 'Splosion Man moved up to July 22 and TMNT bumped back to August 5.

With Microsoft readying its annual "Summer of Arcade" promotion, the company has priced and dated the five downloadable Xbox 360 games that fall under the campaign: Read more »

"$10 for Monkey Island, no worrying about compatibility, and HD graphics? I'm getting this one ..."
- Glassagate    See all 29 comments

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