Halo 4

XB360 / Action / Release: Nov 6, 2012 / ESRB: M

  • I say that because it seems to me that Halo 4 is slowing becoming what CoD is like. At least in my opinion. And I don't much care for that. Or the new game types, or maps. Or the complete lack of a Blood Gulch. Having Halo online without Blood Gulch is like having Halo without a damn warthog. I used to feel HALO and CoD would stand very obviosly apart. Now it seems as though they are in the same vein of each other. Things like a little icon of a grenade showing me where they are so i can avoid them. Things like Kill Cams and Custom Loadouts. They all scream CoD to me. Being that this Halo does not seem very Haloie during online play, I just don't feel the same want to play it as I have for every previous Iterartion. That said I will finish the campaign just to see how and where it goes, and I will play Spartan Ops in hopes that it may give me some reason to keep playing, but I have my doubts.
    I miss getting together with some buddies in Blood Gulch and getting a good 3 man team going in the warthog, taking the flag and returning it, really feeling like our teamwork and organization were really what made it happen.
    To me playing Halo 4 makes me feel the same way I felt when I watched Terminator: Salvation.
    It's a shameless yet nostalgic conglomeration of everything I loved done for the sake of appeasing and attracting a new audience who may have missed the classics. It's a new product in by a new creator with the same look and feel of the old, but it's just not quite what I expected.
    But don't get me wrong. In no way am I saying Halo 4 is a steaming pile of crap. It's a very quality product, great sound, great visual, and GREAT warthogging! I encourage all who like it to enjoy it to it's full potential and have a total blast. It's just not my thing. And now I wonder... Do I go back to Reach and hope that some people will still play it and have a great time it makes available? Or do I wait for some other developer to make an online fps with vehicle combat? Or do I just move on from the whole genre and stick to throwing 7 interceptions a game in rookie mode offline in Madden 13?
    I'd love to hear any(mature intelligent) feed back you have. Thanks for reading, try not to get teabagged.

  • Not a fan of this one.

    I have long been a fan of the halo franchise since the beginning, and now I'm just not feeling it. I first remember playing Halo CE when it first came out as a launch title for the original Xbox and loved it. I have fond memories of many 4v4 battles using 2 Xboxs and an ethernet cable. Great times! Than Halo 2 came out and was on Xbox Live. Great times again, meeting expectations and satisfying completely. Then the 360 came out and we waited for what seemed like forever for Halo 3. And it was well worth the wait. With it came new weapons, new gadgets, and of course the same old warthog awesomeness, a known staple in the world of Halo. When Reach came out I loved it, played it for hours and hours and hours. The fun I had jetpacking and landing huge airborne plasma sticks was so much fun. And forging my own level; Hell Yeah! I was both excited and nervous when Halo 4 was announced by 343 Industries. Nothing against them at all, I just like my Halo to be by Bungie. After many dollars I beleive to be wasted playing all sorts of CoD games I always came back to Reach for fun, as I just dont have fun playing any CoD games. At all. They're frustrating. I don't like killstreaks, or throwing knives, or PAVE LOWS!!! So I patiently waited for Halo 4, and picked up a copy yesterday. I threw it in and was expectedly amazed by stunning CGI and very very very impressive audio capture, well done 343. And the gameplay, very Halo, as it should be. No wierd new controller scheme, no hide behind cover and switch to 3rd person, just a very Haloie Halo game. All right, everything checks out. But Wait! Could 343 have dephiled my long favorite staple of the franchise? Could they have totally screwed up the warthog? Hell no! And they make sure to let you know that early on. So I played a bit of the Campaign until the title "Halo 4" comes across my screen and say "OK, multiplayer time"
    Now this is where my utter disdain for this game comes in. Starting with the UI. I think the company dog designed it, or maybe someones kid. Very basic and unimpressive, and lame. Almost Gran Turismo 5 lame (yes, that lame). So I try to get into my personal favorite online match Big Team Battle Objective based. GONE! GONE COMPLETELY. Replaced with an 8v8 Deathmatch. Lame, but tolerable, maybe it needs to be unlocked like weapons. Not from what I've seen so far. I play many different game types and it's ok. And being "ok" is not what Halo does, not what its intended to be. I get points for blowing up vehicles and such, kinda like Reach, but it feels more like MW3. Then I get a kill, then a double kill, now I have ordinace. Ordinance? WTF is ordinance? Well, it's kind of like a killstreak reward. Not cool, not for me anyway. As i continue to soldier through what I believe is a step down from classic Halo online play I stop, just stop moving and shooting, and to myself say aloud
    "OH NO!".